Win At Blackjack By Using The Ko And Hi Lo Systems

Ever since Blackjack was invented people tried to beat the odds, and counting cards is one of the best ways of using mathematics to decrease the role luck plays. Not everyone is blessed with the power to focus so well and memorize all the cards that pass, so the systems were tweaked to make it easy for beginners to keep track of the cards that are dealt. The Ho-Lo and KO counting systems have many things in common and the differences are slight, so both should deliver the same positive results if mastered.

The Hi-Lo card counting system

Anyone who wants to learn the basics in card counting should start with the Hi-Lo system, because this requires minimal concentration at the Blackjack table. The cards have been grouped in three categories and given values of +1 for the cards between 2 and 6, zero for 7-8-9 and -1 for all the cards ranging from 10 to Ace. Depending on what cards are being dealt to the players and the dealer, the one counting needs to add and subtract the value of 1, and keep doing this until the last cards in the deck are unveiled.

When this moment comes, the count will be either above or below zero, which means that there are more or less high cards in the deck. If the player realizes that the majority of the remaining cards are small ones, he is supposed to keep the stakes low and play carefully because the dealer has the upper hand. By contrary, a deck that has more cards bearing the value of 10 benefits the player who can hope for more frequent Blackjacks and can expect the dealer to go bust more often.

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The KO card counting system

There is a single difference between this card counting system and the aforementioned one, with the KO strategy awarding the value of +1 to the four sevens in each deck. This will create an imbalance in the end, because instead of the player reaching the value of zero after all the cards in the deck pass, this value will shift to 4. On the other hand, players will be overwhelming underdogs if by the end of the count their count keeps the sum of dealt cards below zero, because it means that most of the high cards have passed.

Those who got used with the KO counting system have no reason to trade it for the HI-Lo or the other way around, because the mechanics are identical. This means that regardless of what system they pick up, players should try to master it instead of shifting to the other one. Practice makes perfect when counting cards, so those who hope to constantly beat the odds should practice whenever they have free time.

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