What to choose in European V/S American Roulette

Roulette is a very well known casino game and is really popular on Situs Judi QQ as well. In this game, players place bets either on a range of numbers or a single number or on different colors that are black or red. A croupier rolls the wheel that is placed on a table and then spins the ball in the reverse direction. When the ball comes to a halt it falls on a numbered or colored pocket. There are a number of betting options. The main categories of betting include Inside betting and Outside betting. When a player chooses the option of inside bets he has to choose the exact number of the pocket in which the rolling ball will land, and in the outside bets, he will select a group of pockets or the colors of the pocket or will bet on whether the number is even or odd.

The rules that apply to inside and outside bets are separate for every spin. A roulette wheel consists of numbers starting from 1 up to 36. All the odd numbers in a range of numbers from 1 to 10 and then 19 to 28 are in red color and the even numbers are in black in a range from 11 to 18 and then 29 and 36 the even numbers are in red color and black is used for odd numbers. There is a green pouch that is assigned the number Zero. This is where the difference comes when talking about European V/S American Roulette.

The roulette wheel in European roulette has only a single 0 but its American counterpart has another column which is numbered as 00. So an American roulette consists of 38 numbers as compared to the 37 numbers of the European roulette. This extra slot that is added on the American wheel effect the results of the games significantly. The additional slot for zero increases the house edge to 5.26 percent. The extra zero on the American roulette wheel reduces the odds of winning as compared to the European tables. When you will have the first look at the American roulette game you will think that it is very exciting as you have an extra number to bet on but this is not favorable for a player. To take the benefit of the player’s advantage one should select the European table. This the main difference in European V/S American Roulette.

There is another difference when talking about European V/S America n Roulette. This rule is also called surrender. With the help of this rule, the house edge decreases to 1.352 % making this version more popular and inviting. There is another difference between the European roulette game and the American roulette that is the chips used in both the games are different. The chips that are used in the American roulette are colored. With these colored chips, you can differentiate your bet from the bet of other players as they have different colored chips that are placed on top of the table. In the European roulette, the chips that are used are of the same color.

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