Stocking Stuffers for Poker Players

Have an avid poker player in the family? Stuff his or her stocking with a handful of the following poker must haves.

Poker Chips

Plastic poker chips can be bought for around $5 for 100. Plastic chips are fine for at-home players, novices, and learners. Players with a little more experience will prefer clay chips. Clay chips aren’t made out of clay anymore, but they have the look and feel of original clay chips made famous in Las Vegas casinos. They are made of a polymer that makes them harder than clay chips. Clay chips can be purchased in sets, just like plastic chips, but expect to pay thirty to forty cents per chip for a set of clay chips.

Such chips are quite cheap as they cost only $5 as it can help beginners in understanding Pkv games in a better manner without getting into the technicalities as they are normally reserved for advanced levels, who are comfortable with all sets, be it clay or plastic.

Playing Card Sets

A money clip chip holder is an inexpensive stocking suffer that will affirm the identity of any poker player. Poker chip money clips can be found online for $6.00. A new money clip is the best place for a poker player to store their winnings at their next poker tournament. The poker chip is not included, so the player can place a token chip from their favorite casino in the holder.

Key Chain Chip Holder

A key chain chip holder is another identifying accessory for an avid poke player, or fan. The distinguished and chain calls attention to the poker player’s passion for the game. The key chain comes without the chip, allowing the player to add a chip from their favorite casino or high winning game. Poker key chains cost approximately $6.


For less than $10 you can add a strategy or game play DVD to the player’s stocking. Learn strategy, betting tips and more with a click of the remote. Select DVD’s based on skill level and producers. Look for DVD’s produced by well known players.

Poker Chip Coasters

Poker chip coasters keep water rings off the poker table or the coffee table, if you are adding a touch of poker décor to your home. Designed to resemble giant poker chips, purchasing poker coasters are one way to reassure your player that you are in the game. Coasters are lined on the bottom with cork, to prevent them from scratching furniture. Poker Chips can be purchased in a set of 4 for $20 or less.

Poker Chip earrings

For poker playing couples or individual female poker players consider purchasing poker chip earrings. Fashion and style can be combined to re-enforce her love of the game. Prices vary according to material and design.

Misc. Poker Accessories

Add a little poker playing décor to your game room with novel poker accessories. Posters, small rugs, dishes, mugs, and shot glasses are a few ideas for accessorizing a poker motif.

If you are running out of time to buy online, check your local Recreation Factory Warehouse, or other major sports supply store. They should have poker accessories including some of these items and more.

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