Spin And Win 1000 In Irish Luck At Sparkling Bingo

Sparkling Bingo is one of the most renowned and popular sites in the UK. With more than five years of work in the bingo industry, the online bingo site has set a standard of its own and is in the top league with other casino sites like situs togel sgp. From bringing new and fun games for you bingo lovers to giving away great bonuses, jackpots and Vouchers, Sparkling Bingo goes that extra mile to keep its players glued.

St. Patrick’s Day is calling and so is a pot full of luck at Sparkling Bingo. The site is hosting a slot game called Irish Luck giving away £1,000 to its top 10 players. There are no rules of the game, players only need to spin and spin more. The more they spin, the more are their chances to win. This game is on till 31st March and the prize money will be credited on 5th April. Each winning player will take home £100. Sparkling Bingo will also display a Leader Board where the leading winners’ names will be displayed. This board will be updated every 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday. This will make the competition and tough and interesting.

One more lucky game on Sparkling Bingo will be played in the Retro Nights room at 7 PM. The series is called Jackpot of Shamrock and will host two games on 15th and 30th March. Bingo players can claim 2 free tickets on every deposit of £20 till 13th March. Deposit and grab your free ticket to win £200 in the 15th March game.

There’s a new room coming up at Sparkling Bingo and this room will be hosting two games in a month. The interesting part is that bingo players can grab free tickets to the games being hosted in this room by being active on the Sparkling Bingo Facebook page. This month’s game in the new room is called Mom’s Casket. Make your Mother’s Day count by taking part in these two games on 13th and 27th March. Each game gives away a £60 voucher to the winner. With every like on the Sparkling Bingo Facebook page, bingo players can get 1 free ticket. Every comment can get them 2 free tickets and each share fetched 3 free tickets.

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