Poker Strategy Tips on Reducing the Field and when to Quit

Raising to Reduce the Field

There are times you should consider raising a hand even when you know you probably don’t hold the best cards. This is how many players on KoinQQ have made their spot to the top of the chart boards and continue to play the game with interest. There are many various reasons to raise a hand. This tip focuses on just one of those circumstances. There may be times when you have a good starting hand that plays better against a limited number of opponents. As an example, KQ off-suit is a good starting hand in a limit Hold’em game. If you already have a player or two in the pot in front of you, you could easily be behind to a hand like AJ or 88, but the hand is generally still worth seeing a flop. However, the more opponents you have,

the weaker this hand becomes. This is a good time to raise in an attempt to reduce the field. Hopefully this will eliminate some hands like suited connectors and such. Pocket pairs are best against either a very small field (where they can hold up on their own), or against a large field (where you’re looking to hit a set).

When to Quit

The issue often comes up, “At what point should you stop playing for the day or the session?” The answer to this question depends on your objectives in playing poker.

If you are a regular player, you should take a break or quit for the day when your quality of play has deteriorated. This may come from frustration, fatigue, boredom, or distractions. When you aren’t playing your best, then quit. This might mean you can play for 15 hours without trouble, or it could mean you shouldn’t play 15 minutes. Note that you are not quitting based on being up or down a set amount of money, referred to as “stop loss”. If you’re winning and playing well, why would you stop? If you’re losing because of luck, but playing well, there’s no need to stop, assuming you are within your bankroll. If you are losing for other reasons, change tables or quit for now.

If on the other hand, you are a recreational player, someone who plays just for fun every now and then, you may need to quit based on a set amount of money or time. Ask yourself what your objectives are. Perhaps it is to play for five hours with your friends? Then play for five hours or until the money you took runs out. To buy that new DVD box set? Then quit when you’ve won enough to pay for it. To spend $50 and play until it’s gone? Then don’t get more (perhaps don’t even have more with you). Just want to have fun at any expense? Contact me and we’ll set up a game 🙂 The key is to set your objectives before you go to play and know how and when you will stop.

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