Playing Poker Career Late

I have been asking myself this question a lot recently. It’s often a burden of someone with a little bit of comfort to give room to idle thoughts. I’ve recently become more comfortable in the games. I playing and learning a lot about the game. I’ve had a good run of cards for a few months and I’m almost out of student loan debt.

With a bigger bankroll and more knowledge, my goals have become increasingly lofty.

If you asked me a year ago when I was grinding hold em games for a 3k month, I’d have gladly taken a 4k month in 120 hours every month. There would have been no hesitation.

I’ve gone on a 3k downswing this month to leave me with $6800 after 108 hours of playing, and I am pissed off. I was up 9.5 just a week ago.

That’s $63/hour tax-free.

“Not even the government gets a cut from this”

When I was struggling to pay rent, keep food on the table and pay off debts I wasn’t worried about where I would be in six months, I was considering drinking black coffee all day so I wouldn’t have to eat and spend the money.

Now with a light at the end of the tunnel, being debt-free in a couple of months I start to think about maybe traveling, what else I want to do with my life and time, even starting up this blog was an idea.

Then I read that computers have now beaten humans in No-Limit Hold ‘em, and I start to wonder if the game will be around in 5 years. I don’t want to just make a living playing ceme online poker, I want 6+ figures. We all want the same things, to travel, have money, and the freedom to do as we wish.

But I know that each year the game is getting tougher. Each year I get a little older. Every year I am not developing any job skills. My biggest fear is grinding these games at 30 years old, making less than 6 figures, barely getting by.

I see some of these ghosts every day, the mid-30s with nothing really driving them. Working 100 hours a month at the casino, tax-free, aimlessly existing. Some might say that’s better than an office worker slave wage, but it’s still no life for me.

The world is evolving. It’s not like I’ve been a pro forever, I am literally 20 years behind some of the best pros.

I got here on my brain, my guts, and my coach. I’ll be able to make a living forever, but I want more.

It’s funny I have these thoughts now after finally breaking through in poker and making (sometimes) 5 figures in a month. Why wasn’t I worried when I was literally a bad run of cards from going broke?

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Ryan Morris is a technology writer and is really intrigued by the ways technology revolutionized the casino industry. In his free time, he tries to learn more about the different strategies that are used in poker games.


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