Top Poker Secret Pot Control – How to get the control!!
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Controlling the pot is when you play passively on one or more streets with a good or marginal hand, to ensure that you can only lose a small amount of chips if you are behind. A common example would be holding something like A-4 on an A-8-Q flop. You bet flop and are called. You […]

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Five Card Stud Poker
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Five Card Stud Poker is one of the most popular poker USA games and bears a close similarity to the Middle-Eastern game of As Nas. This game can now be played online on 바둑이 as well. It was first brought to the US by Persian sailors. The modern-day version is believed to have 1st been […]

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Special Rewards In Online Blackjack

On-line online casinos offer gamers with sign-up bonuses to be in a position to increase their fortune. A couple of the sign-up bonuses supplied are sign-up reward or occasionally its called welcome reward, reload reward, refer-a-friend reward and cash-back-bonus.

Money again reward will be the rarest reward among the over. This truly is because of the situation of other sign-up bonuses the on-line online casinos are in a position to anticipate much more wagering as becoming a requirement of your reward.

But this reward is according to wagering which have currently used location and usually doesn’t require any long term obligation in the participant, besides for that play by way of requirements.

Merely, money again reward is truly a compensation of the percent of your deficits created through the participant all through a specific time period. Probably the most regular technique of indicating the reward which the money again reward is usually some percent of your deficits produced through the participant all through particular time period, conditional on the restrict of some quantity.

In most on-line online casinos like link alternatif poker88 the quantity of percent could be close to 10 to 15 %. There’s no inflexible rule on this. Time of validity against this reward could be diverse. The max quantity will be the cap around the reward and ranges relying around the situation every on-line on series casino has. The concept is easy. Gamers who’ve produced money are heading to pleased. Consequently they do not truly require this reward. Gamers who misplaced money are in require of inducements and some thing that might assist increase their fortune. The money again reward will be the ideal answer.

On-line online casinos offer gamers with sign-up bonuses to be in a position to increase their fortune. A couple of of the sign-up bonuses supplied are sign-up signup bonuses, also recognized as welcome reward; reload signup bonuses; refer-a-friend sign-up bonuses and cash-back signup bonuses. The cash-back reward will be the rarest reward among individuals mentioned over.

This truly is because of the reality which the other sign-up bonuses that on-line online casinos provide are done so in anticipation of your reality that gamers will most likely be creating much more wagers as becoming a outcome of them whereas with cash-back sign-up bonuses, they’re provided according to wagering which have currently used location and usually doesn’t require any long term obligation in the participant, besides for that wager requirements connected using the reward.

Put merely, the cash-back reward is compensation of the percent of your deficits incurred through the participant all through a specific time period. Probably the most regular technique of calculating the quantity of your cash-back reward is as becoming a proportion of your deficits incurred through the participant all through a particular time period, conditional on the restrict of some quantity.

In most on-line online casinos, the % worth is usually in between 10 and 15 %. There’s no inflexible rule on this. Time of validity against this reward could be diverse. The utmost cap on thebonus varies from on-line on series casino to on-line on series casino. The concept is behind cash-back signup bonuses is easy. Gamers that make money are usually pleased. Successful gamers don’t need a reward to be in a position to maintain them taking part in. Gamers which have misplaced money are in require of incentives. The cash-back reward will be the ideal answer.

Some on-line online casinos offer cash-back signup bonuses having a particular diploma of regularity. If the provided time of validity is truly a 7 days then gamers dropping through the finish of your 7 days is compensated a set proportion of their deficits or the utmost around the reward, whichever is decrease. Within the meantime, other on-line online casinos offer cash-back signup bonuses frequently but they put the time limitation of your deficits.

For example they are able to apply the cash-back reward to deficits produced on the particular day of your 7 days. However other on-line online casinos offer this reward only as becoming a component of your occasional unique promotion. There’s an additional intelligent way by which on-line online casinos make use of the cash-back reward. They put the limitation around the reward to deficits produced on particular particular video games only. Generally these are video games like keno or on-line slots which have greater home edges.

Win At Blackjack By Using The Ko And Hi Lo Systems

Ever since Blackjack was invented people tried to beat the odds, and counting cards is one of the best ways of using mathematics to decrease the role luck plays. Not everyone is blessed with the power to focus so well and memorize all the cards that pass, so the systems were tweaked to make it easy for beginners to keep track of the cards that are dealt. The Ho-Lo and KO counting systems have many things in common and the differences are slight, so both should deliver the same positive results if mastered.

The Hi-Lo card counting system

Anyone who wants to learn the basics in card counting should start with the Hi-Lo system, because this requires minimal concentration at the Blackjack table. The cards have been grouped in three categories and given values of +1 for the cards between 2 and 6, zero for 7-8-9 and -1 for all the cards ranging from 10 to Ace. Depending on what cards are being dealt to the players and the dealer, the one counting needs to add and subtract the value of 1, and keep doing this until the last cards in the deck are unveiled.

When this moment comes, the count will be either above or below zero, which means that there are more or less high cards in the deck. If the player realizes that the majority of the remaining cards are small ones, he is supposed to keep the stakes low and play carefully because the dealer has the upper hand. By contrary, a deck that has more cards bearing the value of 10 benefits the player who can hope for more frequent Blackjacks and can expect the dealer to go bust more often.

สโบเบ็ต ฝากถอน ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ is increasing the engagement of the bettors at the platform. You can deposit minimum amount to the platform to enjoy the gambling. The benefits are enormous with the gamblers through the feature. You can learn about it from the online websites.

The KO card counting system

There is a single difference between this card counting system and the aforementioned one, with the KO strategy awarding the value of +1 to the four sevens in each deck. This will create an imbalance in the end, because instead of the player reaching the value of zero after all the cards in the deck pass, this value will shift to 4. On the other hand, players will be overwhelming underdogs if by the end of the count their count keeps the sum of dealt cards below zero, because it means that most of the high cards have passed.

Those who got used with the KO counting system have no reason to trade it for the HI-Lo or the other way around, because the mechanics are identical. This means that regardless of what system they pick up, players should try to master it instead of shifting to the other one. Practice makes perfect when counting cards, so those who hope to constantly beat the odds should practice whenever they have free time.

Best Online Casino-Win at Blackjack Now!

To win at blackjack, it is mixed rather a winning blackjack strategy with a little luck. You also need to find the best online casino for your money. There are tons and tons of no deposit casinos are. A simple search in Google you will find lots of them. The great thing about online casinos is when you are playing blackjack, you get a huge deposit bonus casino sites on blackjack, no less than 100% deposit every time! I used to help a best casinos guide, you will find the best online casino bonus. I use these bonuses to multi-blackjack tables in casinos more. I smashed a successful strategy that guaranteed 100% to the house. My secret is not only home to dominate every blackjack after the meeting, I collect bonuses in different casinos.

I started 20 years ago to play blackjack. At the time there was no such thing as online casinos like and online blackjack. I have learned to provide a consistent income to live in Black Jack Casinos in the United States on a strategy I developed about 15 years ago. It took a full five years losing and reading thousands upon thousands of blackjack pounds, with this strategy is that I come. 6 years ago I have finally surpassed the $ 100,000 per year to only play Black Jack. I never play without online black jack, because it allows me to be done on the various multi-table casino blackjack and collect all the bonuses at the same time. A simple Google search or a directory Casino find TONS casinos offer bonuses.

I recommend you play blackjack for free at a beginner. The great thing about blackjack is that you can learn online play money traders disadvantages. The game play is the same way as on money. Once you find a strategy that works for you online, you can to situations of real money to move. Winner Seize at blackjack? T easy, but always practice blackjack techniques and new strategies will make you a successful poker player in no time. Stick to your game free blackjack to know you can dominate the house on a consistent basis. Trust yourself and you say you do not lose! The house will eventually have no chance against you.

We do not have good blackjack strategy and no knowledge of the game, the house an advantage of at least 5% each time to the fact that they get is based on the last act. Many times you have already?? Busted? and the dealer wins automatically. One of the worst things you could do is, in blackjack bust and leave the house without even turning around to get another card. If you play online blackjack and losing, I strongly recommend a reassessment of the strategy that you use to beat the house. Whatever you decide to win at the Black Jack, I wish you good luck!

How Can We Define An Online Gambling Industry?

In today’s time we know that everything is shifting online whether it is a grocery shop or gambling industry. Online service has been benefited them a lot because now they can let their users to place bets in gambling games right by home without even stepping out of the house. You can choose any site you want or any game you like to play without any issue at all.

This industry has been expended a lot because number of gambling lovers is increasing day by day which means users are increasing. It is all possible because of the online services as it is so fast and convenient that anyone can create a gambling account and start playing it. You can also get your hands on the free gambling games too. 

Football betting sites not on gamstop are the one which are riskier for the gambling addicts. It is because gamstop helps the addicts to get rid of the gambling for a time-period of their choice. Online gambling industries is the future for the gamblers because they can easily hire an agent or choose anny gambling they want to without any issue at all.

How safe it is?

It is obvious to consider the safety in mind because frauds can also take part in gambling games and can steal your money without even letting you know. So if you are interested in online gambling then make sure to consider the site first of all. Your main aim is to find the right site for your gambling because without that you might get in trouble.

Finding the right site requires comparison and you can do that easily without any issue at all. Pick the top sites and start comparing them by which you will come to know about different things that you might be missing in the one particular site. In this way you can easily get your hands on the best site for your gambling games.

Live dealers plays essential role

In the gambling industry live agents plays important role because without them you cannot be able to place bets. You can find different agents available among which you can choose the one you like by comparing. If you are new then it might be little but confusing but you can find them easily. Also there is one more thing that you need to keep in mind and that is the right site.

Agents cannot be found on random sites as it should be good in terms of reputation. Official site should be good enough for better agents and trusted games. A good gambling company will consist of its own site so that will be like a proof of legit gaming.

It runs globally

You can play online gambling games globally and also the people you will encounter with are also going to be from any part of the world. It might be little bit challenging but you will be going to enjoy it a lot. Also practice matches are available for those who are beginner in this industry as they should try it out if they do not want to lose all the money in their pocket. If you are interested then go for it but make sure to do some research before finding the site and playing on it as it is the only way in which you can play it safely.

VR technology is taking place

In order to attract large number of people the big gambling industries are using VR technology as playing gambling games or casino games in VR sounds so much fun. You can also try it right at home but it would requires a VR headset and also on the other hand you have to focus more on the internet connection too.

VR gaming requires better internet connection so if you are the one who is not even interested in VR gaming then you should take care of this thing. Also VR does not require any physical currency as you have to play casino games with the virtual currency itself.

Thus, in the nutshell it is stated that gambling industry is rising day by day in today’s modern time.

Freeroll Internet Roulette Tournaments

It is a game of luck, but some players use a particular strategy when they wager. This wheel has an American (English language) layout and a single zero, and actually when a single-zero Roulette wheel is used in the United States, it is almost always this type. The other group of bets is called outside bets. In your home, you can control the surroundings around you and you will have perfect control over your attention and skills. Roulette players make bets by placing chips in the betting areas of the Roulette table and after all, bets are placed, the ball is spun and after that lands on a number.

This is the game of skill and chance. Basically, players bet on numbers, spreads of number combinations, and colors. The common for these two types of Roulette is that croupier turns a round Roulette wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land, where the main pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 and alternate between red and black, with number 1 being red. These 12 numbers are in sequence and can be in red or black color. If there are any new players the dealer will most likely say ‘no more bets’ out-loud as well.

Roulette is for sure one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world and everyone knows about it. European Roulette features a favorable “en prison” rule, according to which if the player makes any even money bet (red, black, odd, even, 1-18, 19-36) and the ball lands in zero the player either gets half the bet back or it becomes imprisoned. The main pockets at Roulette Game are numbered from 1 to 36 and they alternate between red and black, with number 1 being red. Stacks of chips consist of 20 chips, so each chip is worth $5 each – $5 x 20 chips = $100. Every gambler really needs to experience dominoqq terpercaya on the net.

The roulette in its present layout was seen for the first time in Paris in 1765. Exactly because zero has its own special effect on the roulette game, it also has its own color – green. Corner roulette bet allows the player to places his chips in the center of four numbers and if one of these numbers comes up he wins. The legend is based on the fact that if you add up the numbers on the roulette wheel from 1 to 36, then the resulting total is “666″. Roulette game has always been a popular game at the conventional casinos but now it’s gaining much popularity at the online casinos as well.

Card Counting What Is It All About

Card counting is one of the many card strategies out there. It is defined as a system that helps track blackjack cards dealt in a game. You can use it if you want to know whether you are gaining an advantage over the house or the dealer when you are playing in casinos. In short, card counting ascertains whether the deck works for your favor as the player or it works the other way around, meaning for the favor of the house or the dealer.

The chances of winning are predetermined by the counter, using the numbers he has in mind. This particular number can be located either by subtracting or adding an exact number starting from zero as there are dealt cards in the process. As a player, in turn, you can vary your bet depending on the chances or the odds you expect out of the game. If you think that the deck provides higher odds working for your favor, then you can increase your bet. If you feel that the deck works in favor of the dealer or the house, then you can bet a lesser amount.

Basics of card counting

If there is one thing to remember basically when it comes to card counting then that would be the fact that aces and tens (or high cards) work for the favor of the player while lower cards like those that range in between 4 and 6 work for the favor of the dealer. The basic system is called the true count, one that gives players the chance to choose what amount to bet and when to place that amount on the pot.

The basic system actually assigns either a positive or negative (sometimes a zero) value to the dealt cards. When cards that have either of these values are dealt, the count will then be adjusted by that corresponding value. For example, in a so-called Hi-Lo system, a value of one is deducted for each ten or ace card that has been dealt during the game. On the other hand, those with the values 2-6 will be increased by one while cards with the 7-9 values dealt during the game do not have any effect on the count.

Unbalanced and balanced card counting

The unbalanced card counting pengeluaran hongkong terbaru makes use of the corresponding count of the card that appears as they are distributed during a 1-deck blackjack game. Conversely, the balanced card system is one that adapts the basics of the other counting system. The only difference is that it also makes use of the number of card decks dealt during the game.

Apart from knowing about these types of card counting systems, it will also be wise if you also learn about advanced counting. One of which was mentioned a while back, the Hi-Lo system. Add to that, there are also KO counts, Hi-Opt 1 and Hi-Opt 2. Once you know all these card counting systems, you can then practice playing like a professional. To top that, you can also have an advantage over Casinos.

Online casinos are way better than the land casinos and have been generating a lot of money in the long run. Unlike the land casinos, there is no such requirement of a deposit or any money requirements to play. There are free versions of the game to play and check if you are good at it, or you do not have to invest your money in that.

Play For Fun Casinos Games

Play For Fun Casino Games Take a look at the textual item here before you which covers the subject of play for 은꼴 online casino for fun. The following page joins a nice educational textual corpus with clever wording. What is a web-based casino? It is just like the land one in which you might perform any of the games, however, it is a virtual place. You may also perform costless internet gambling games. Exist two kinds of punters: the ones that wager on behalf of the profit as well as those that gamble only for fun. If you bet for entertainment, you could choose a different approach now. If you do not want to visit a real gambling site and likewise lose your money, you could use a free internet-based gambling game. So what`s this? You may ask. It`s a betting site gambling game you might execute and benefit from without wasting wealth for it. You only gamble for free, therefore you shall not waste any cash. The types of web-based pages that allow free betting games can`t be called an online betting room, as an internet wagering hall means earning or losing money. Once you start gaming on that sort of internet page, you obtain some bonuses, credit, and even real money. Those will be the virtual money that you may bet with.

That is wonderful within a costless gambling room website gambling game: you gamble, you entertain yourself, although you don`t forfeit your cash. Additionally, you are not under pressure since you can or otherwise you lost all of your reserves. These results take place in land-based gaming sites, but not at a costless online betting hall gambling game. In case you lose all your playing reserve, you may ask for additional or simply delay 24 hours in order to obtain another bonus. Various pages have various regulations on behalf of that. It`s not simple to discover distinguishable or otherwise equivalent elements of land-based and virtual gaming sites. Both own decent as well as weak elements so a bettor must evaluate which is better for him or her.

You need to choose an online wagering hall on the basis of what you desire. If you desire to compete along with other betters, meet many attractive players who want to wager only for amusement as you, choose a land-based one. In there you may make a lot of additional crazy things, not just wager. You may walk in there, enjoy a drink and return home. In case you basically wish to gamble in order to earn money, select an internet betting hall. Of course, you can enjoy the game, particularly a free betting game, however most users who wager on internet games, wager for money. The dissimilarity is that you won`t play together with anyone, you would not meet anybody and in general, you wager in order to be rich. So, depending on what you look for, you may make a decision. One more advantage is that anything in the online betting room is quicker since a characteristic of the world wide web is fastness.

That pace may be positive, although likewise, it might be negative because you can deplete your money sooner. That`s why lots of people cease gaming online. gaming hall brand names that wish to hold their clients have an original promotion – the wagering hall extra prizes. These bonuses are strictly imaginary, not real money. That is a sum of credits the wagering site offers you at the time you start your registration there. It`s play money that you can employ to play. This extra can come in different forms. It may appear as a set bonus, a specific total of money no matter what you pay in your reserve. Different types may appear as an extra sum that varies and likewise, you receive a given proportion of the total you have at your budget.

That share is variable at different internet establishments; sometimes it can be twenty percent or fifty percent, or even a hundred percent. In this fashion, the wagering hall holds some of the gamers, but you need to ensure some regulations if you wish to acquire your bonus. There are numerous, frequently not comfortable, things you have to do, but after you give it a chance, you will be content. Present are some players who gamble online just for the online betting room extra money. They are labeled bonus seekers. Those look for the greatest extras as well as try to cheat in order to take them. It can seem exciting to be an extra money hunter, but if the online gambling room catches you, they shall not allow you any bonus at all. So, it isn`t really essential if you gamble to earn money or otherwise to entertain yourself since you have to arrange your choices cautiously. And when you pick an online gambling room, you have to be cautious all the time to be content with the gambling game


Mobile Casino Pay Via Sms Billing

Pay Your Gambling Bills By Mobile Casino Pay Via SMS Billing Options At Lucks Casino

This is an easy option to avail because online casinos have become extremely popular as of late with some excellent subset of games like poker online terpercaya and Russian roulette where one can showcase his skills to the fullest extent without the need to compromise on any aspects whatsoever.

Get £5 Free Bonus No Deposit Required – Online and Phone Casino Special

The ‘Mobile Casino Pay Via Sms Billing’ Review by for

One of the most useful recent innovations in the world of gaming is the introduction of mobile casino pay via SMS billing options!

Mobile casinos are on the rise with constraints in the time that people can spend online or in the casinos for gaming. There is more demand for gaming on the go – which is satisfied by the introduction of mobile gaming casinos!

Think That Your Wagering Method Has Complicated Payments? Try This New Option At Lucks Casino – Join Now

Get 200% Welcome Bonus Up To £200 + Enjoy 100% Cash Match Bonus Up To £50 On Mondays

However, payment through these online and mobile casinos has always been an unreliable and unnecessarily complicated endeavour with lots of hoops to jump through and repeated input of credit card data and personal details, which can get tiring and boring for the continuous and repeated user.

Further, you also need to set up additional payment options and exert a lot of effort just for each billing sessions, in the old routines for play games.

But with using mobile phone casino pay via SMS billing options, you can now pay deposit or collect your dues on any gaming site, completely hassle – free and at your convenience!

Now, using these mobile casino paying via SMS billing features, any player can make quick and easy monetary transactions, which are completely reliable, all with the aid of their network operators and safety of transactions is assured!

Who Can Get Mobile Casino Pay Via SMS Billing Features On Their Phone At Lucks Casino

  • None The network operator you use, the type of mobile device you own, and even what sort of credit scheme system you are using for your mobile phone – all of those features do not have any effect on the ease of your using mobile casino pay via SMS billing feature!
  • None As long as you have topped up on your normal mobile account recharge enough to have some monetary credit left, that is pretty much all you need to make use of the mobile casino paying via SMS billing option – it could not be simpler than this!
  • None This highly efficient and completely reliable and risk-free method of gaming deposit/transactions involves simply transferring money from your mobile top up credit straight into your gaming website deposit!

So say, you need to deposit £20 for your next round of gaming. As long as your mobile has that much credit, you can simply avail the mobile casino pay via SMS billing feature to send a quick text transaction to transfer your credit money to the Lucks Casino website account!

Reasons The Mobile Phone Casino, Slots and Roulette – Paying Via SMS Billing Feature Is Totally Efficient

The best thing about billing through your phone, or even better – making use of mobile casino paying via SMS billing features – is that, all of your transactions and processes occur in one single space! You do not waste any time on transactions at Lucks Casino, with the subsequent frustrations due to connectivity problems.

In mobile casino pay via SMS billing you get:

  • None All processes are hassle – free and completely efficient.
  • None No additional sign ups, login pages or set up processes.
  • None All casino services at your fingertips anytime, anywhere! play games

With so many attractive bonuses, mobile casino pay via SMS billing feature is one of the best innovations of online gaming!

Blackjack Online Game For Everyone

Blackjack – probably the most popular card game ever.

Together with poker it’s most popular online game on the web. Wherever you go people are playing blackjack. Nothing much has been changed in the game of blackjack since the first game was played almost two centuries ago. There is but one big change, these days you can play blackjack online through the web. This is just different way of playing, rules are still the same, you want to get closer as you can to the sum of 21 and not to go over. Like rules, your odds to win the game are the same as before, and you know blackjack provides you with the best chance to win.

There is one thing different, online blackjack you can play from wherever and whenever you want.

If you want to play online blackjack, even if you know how to play the card game of blackjack, you should read a bit about online blackjack option. This article can be the right place to start.

There are different ways of playing online blackjack. First you have to do you want to play your game of blackjack on specialized blackjack web sites, or you maybe prefer to play it in online casino. Both of these options are fine, main difference is how high fee will you pay. After this you have to choose do you want to play blackjack directly on the web site or you want to play it through the special application you have to download first. Some players prefer to play blackjack directly on the web site and some players like to play on the application. Whatever you chose it’s fine. If you play blackjack directly on the web site you will have option to change your device. You can start playing on your laptop and after that you can resume on your smartphone.

Because you are playing directly on the web site, your graphics and sounds might not be perfect. If you decide to play blackjack through the application you will have much better graphics and overall atmosphere of playing. If you play online blackjack through the application you will be able to se your personal statistic and other useful information. There is one more advantage, you can play your game of blackjack much faster if you want. Problem with this kind of blackjack playing is you have to download application every time you change the device. There is a third option, you can play real game of blackjack through the live stream. You can enter a virtual room and see real croupier dealing the cards.

Before you start playing blackjack for money you may consider play few hands for free. Most of the blackjack web sites are offering this service charge free. You can Spill Jackpot 6000 på Norgesautomaten by making right bets and opting various gaming services. The official website allows players to chose from different casino games online. 

Online blackjack is a great way to spend your leisure time. If you want to become a pro you should know it will not happen over the night, you will have to read a lot and try to get as much information as you can.

What Drives People To Play Online Blackjack

So why do people play agen dominoqq online blackjack? There’s a variety of reasons. One is to learn the game or practice strategy. The other is because the love of the game drives them to the computer because a casino is just too far away.

When you’re learning how to play blackjack, the best way to do it is when there are no pressures around and no cash involved. While casinos usually have lessons, they are brief and very basic. Online casinos all offer blackjack and it doesn’t require cash (unless you want it to). Many online casinos are set up for entertainment purposes only. They give you fake money to play with and put you in a room that makes you feel like you’re sitting at a table in Vegas. Other people from around the world are seated around you, playing the same game you are.

You place a bet, your hand is dealt, and the fun begins. You decide whether to take another card or stay. You can only see the dealer’s single card, so you’re going based on the fact that they don’t have 21, or can’t get there. If you were lucky enough to be dealt a 21, the game’s over and you get to sit back and collect your winnings. Otherwise, you strategically decide whether to take a card or not. It is a lot of strategies because you wait on what other people are going to do and guess what the dealer has. If the player to your right takes a card when they shouldn’t, it can throw off your game. Completely. It doesn’t sound fair, does it? Again, it’s all part of gambling. And there’s no shame getting up from a table if the other players are throwing off your game. In fact, whether it’s online or in a real casino, it’s highly advised. After all, it’s your money that’s being wasted.

Playing at a table where everyone is having fun lures you in. It truly drives you to the table. Some people yell and others pray. As that second card is coming your way and you’ve already got an ace showing, your adrenaline starts racing. You may even yell “Monkey!” to try and get that face card to get you a 21. It’s a common phrase to hear when playing blackjack, as is “Hit me!” You may find other people scratching the table when they want another card, nodding their head, or an array of other movements. Standing at the table and watching how other people interact with the cards and the dealers is another aspect of the game outside of your own game.

The more you play, the more you’ll learn the variety of strategies. If a dealer is showing a 9, you’ve got to assume it’s a 19. So now what? Now, you’ve got to look at your own hand and figure out if you can get to at least a 19. To match it means you push, so you get to keep your initial bet, but it means you don’t make any money, either. If you can get to 20 or 21, then you’re great. If you go over, it’s game over. Every game can give a different outcome, but betting and playing will keep you learning different hands and combinations. The best way to keep playing the game is by playing online, from the comfort of your computer. And when you’re playing at home, no one can hear you curse or cry!


At Black Bean Games we are all about providing you the latest and most interesting content when it comes to online casinos and gambling. We are really passionate about the poker, that is why we are here with the best tips and strategies that will help new players to establish themselves in the casino industry. Moreover, professional players can improve their skills and get better with their games. We are excited to share with you the best online casino content.




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Controlling the pot is when you play passively on one or more streets with a good or marginal hand, to ensure that you can only lose a small amount of chips if you are behind. A common example would be holding something like A-4 on an A-8-Q flop. You bet flop and are called. You […]

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