All You Need To Know About Video Poker Tournaments
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Video poker tournaments are one of the most popular forms of casino gambling. These tournaments offer a fast-paced environment, with players competing to win cash prizes by using cards that have been randomly generated from an electronic video display. There are two kinds of video poker tournaments: online and live. Even slots games have become […]

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Advantages of online gambling over regular gambling
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There is no denying that it is true that the online betting industry has been affected. Assume that by 2020, the total salary will be an incredible $ 66.67 billion. Forecasters estimate that growth should increase to $ 100 billion each by 2026. That’s almost half of that growth in just six years! The basic […]

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Nintendo Wii Sports Resort: Why This Game is a Winner for Any Wii Player

If you weren’t born naturally athletic and feel that you missed out on live sports, get Nintendo Wii Sports Resort, and you’ll forget you were ever devoid of athletic ability. Nintendo Wii Sports Resort features 12 sporting events for one to four players that will keep you and your friends or family occupied all evening.

Getting Started

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort requires each Wii remote controller to be equipped with the Wii Motion Plus attachment. It’s fairly easy to insert and remove the remote from the Motion Plus cover, since it’s just a silicone case and a battery pack bottom.

Aside from supplying you more accuracy, the Motion Plus controller adds about an inch and a half of length to your stick, giving you better control for some of the more challenging activities.

What’s in the Game

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort is not a far cry from Wii Fit. The activities are somewhat similar, but the scenery has changed, which is a welcome transformation in my mind.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are 12 island activities to play. These include archery, basketball, bowling, cycling, dog fighting, golfing, canoeing, power cruising (which is basically like jet skiing), swordfighting, Frisbee, ping pong (table tennis) and wakeboarding.

Standard Activities

You might recognize golfing and bowling from the original Wii Sports game. Not much has changed except for the courses and ambience. But with this bowling alley, you’re knocking down a lot more pins in one shot, so your victories look that much bigger.

As for the golf… well, not much has changed.

Super-cool Activities

Some of my favorite activities in Nintendo Wii Sports Resort include power cruising, which isn’t a surprise considering my love of jet skiing.

But don’t be fooled by the easy-looking course. It’s not so simple to steer your power cruiser, even if you are holding the remote control like handlebars. You have to use tiny movements, or you’ll go way off course and totally embarrass yourself.

Archery is another worthy activity. Unlike other Wii sports, this one requires a good deal of accuracy, control and judgment. And by judgment, I mean that you have to gauge your surroundings and take the wind factor into consideration. Because if you miss by a millimeter with the controller, you miss by a foot on the screen.

Air Sports

Put yourself in the pilot’ seat and take a tour of the island while popping hot air balloons for extra points. You’re given the option of just taking the tour or dogfighting against your opponent on the same course.

Neither of these is very in-depth. While it’s visually amusing to fly around the island and mountains for the first few times, I can see where this will get dull after a while. You’ll find yourself doing the dogfights more often, but even there, it’s not very active since you don’t have nifty WWII machine guns or P-51 Mustang engines on your craft.

Get a Workout

If you’re looking to get your arms really sore, I dare you to take on the canoeing activity in Nintendo Wii Sports Resort. Not only will the slightest wrong movement set you off course, but your arms will work nearly as hard as they would on a real canoe.

Okay, well that’s perhaps an exaggeration, but you will get a little sore.

Swordplay, or sword fighting, is another rather engaging sport but its not that comparable to live roulette online casino which is a way of making money just by playing without any surcharges. Picture yourself with the boxing gloves of the boxing activity in Wii Sports and just substitute them for swords. You’ll begin by playing on top of a padded platform. Whoever gets shoved into the pool of water below loses that round.

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort is a worthwhile, appealing game for young kids and adults alike. There’s no bad content, so it’s safe for all eyes and ears, and it makes for a great party night game.

Fun on Chat Roulette a exciting game! Have a look

I wrote a review of Chat Roulette yesterday, having tried it out the night before, and last night I went back on and had one terrific session that I would like to tell you about.

Chat Roulette if you read my review, is an internet site that allows you to have a one to one video chat with a random person, using your webcams. If either part doesn’t want to continue, they just hit the Next button or press F9 and the program looks for another contact. Chat Roulette doesn’t require you to register or give any personal details, and you have no idea who you are interacting with, unless you give each other any information.

Some people on there do strange things, and since I have to wear my glasses when using the laptop so I can see, I find myself looking really old these days, so last night I decided to use some of the special effects that came with my webcam to see if I could get some good interaction.

Many of the special effects that you can get on a webcam use face recognition to alter what is on the screen. I decided to select a Werewolf effect, which over the space of a few seconds changes your face into that of a Werewolf.

The first few people that I came across just clicked and went on to someone else, but then I came across these three guys sitting on a couch, playing some loud dance music, and obviously in a party mood.

I kept motionless for a few seconds, while they took a look at the screen, and then I started to bob my head in time with the music, which got them laughing, and then I began to swing my arms and really get into the music, which had them in hysterics.

All this time of course I was looking like a Werewolf, and to see a Werewolf dancing on the screen to their music was really funny. After a couple of minutes I decided to do something new, and forgot that once the camera loses track of my eyes, well it loses the special effects, and so suddenly the dancing Werewolf turned into a dancing old man! The three guys just literally fell on the floor laughing, and I was also laughing so hard that my eyes were full of tears, I couldn’t see a thing. My fiancee and her daughter were sitting on either side of me and also had tears rolling down their faces.

I then switched to an effect that I can only describe as making me look like someone wearing a bright pink Beret and Elton John Glasses, which went down well. I had a hard time seeing anything though, because the whole time the tears of laughter were just streaming down my cheeks.

This experience was just really enjoyable, and I need to come up with some new ideas to perfect this and add to my collection.

I then tried something a little more subtle, which was to make my image appear as if I was a photo in a frame, off to the side of the room and than I saw some one is playing the online games and winning the cash onwards; I asked he told that all of these are from daftar casino online terpercaya. Again a number of people skipped over me, but then I came across a few who stared at the screen, while I kept perfectly still in my photo frame. After a few seconds of watching them, I would move in the frame, and then come closer to the camera, so it looked like I was about to climb out of the frame. It also did the trick.

Well that was my fun for last night, and I hope it has given you some good ideas to use with Chat Roulette. If you try it out and do anything funny, be sure to come back and let me know.

Poker Comment: Why Speed Reading is Good for Your Hands

“[Classical] might seem an inflated word for a shady pastime, but it is wholly appropriate, for there is a kind of strict beauty in the game when it is played by experts, when every detail is accounted for and every nuance recognized” – from Poker, Bets, Bluffs and Bad Beats, by Al Alvarez and even pkv games online.

“Strict beauty” isn’t perhaps the term that automatically springs to mind when most of us attempt the multiple calculations involved in establishing just where we are in a hand of poker:

  • Assessing the value of our hand…
  • Assessing the odds of it becoming unbeatable…
  • Assessing the value of our opponent’s hand by asking ourselves how he’s played so far…
  • Assessing whether he’s smart enough to change tack…
  • Assessing whether he knows that we know what he’s holding…
  • Assessing whether he knows that we know that he knows that we know what he’s holding…

Which is why the game that takes you minutes to learn then takes a lifetime to master. And yet the best poker players can make these deliberations look so easy, swiftly whittling down their list of options like a company accountant deciding how much can be blown on the office party, sometimes with a crowd of tournament railbirds hollering all around them.

Just one more remarkable quality that separates us from the experts. Now Tourney Blog’s Michael Thomas thinks we can narrow the gap.

He believes that the spin-off benefits from learning to speed read will help us as much in reading poker opponents at the table as it will in digesting tuition books away from the table…

“The skills you develop from speed reading practice do a few things for you,” he writes, “for example, strengthening your ability to absorb information without losing meaning. This, in turn, builds your natural ability in processing information and recognizing and distilling it into the most relevant facts”

As our skills grow in this way, he suggests, so multi-tabling becomes a more realistic proposition.

The idea got me looking around to find out how the improving poker player goes about adding speed reading credentials to his resume.

Holdem Tight looks to speed reading, for example, with this article on learning to read pips on cards, instead of their numbers:

“The point of this article is to teach some speed reading tricks, so you can read the board as a sentence, not sounding out each individual card. It reduces your mental strain, and frees up neurons to think strategically”

They also include a chart to help you brush up on your ‘pip perception’ here…

Onto speed reading generally, Rock Town blog has a meaty list of tips that should getting you skimming through War  amp; Peace in a weekend, even if it doesn’t make comfortable reading for anyone in the publishing industry (“Some publishers say (off the record, of course) ‘A book is simply one great chapter with a dozen other filler chapters.'”). weighs in with How to Speed Read, meanwhile, which introduces the concept of reading a page diagonally.

Of course, if we all had Derren Brown to help us out, the whole ‘reading’ thing would be a lot easier to start with…

Tells to Remember when Playing Poker

  1. Scratching – When a player is at your table and is uncertain of the play he or she is about to make, the player will begin to fidget and scratch parts of his or her body. If you notice a player fidget and/or scratch when placing or raising a bet, it would be to your advantage to call the player’s bet or raise the stakes even further if you have a good hand. If you follow this tip while playing poker on PokerQQ, you will find yourself in some luck even in that game. 


  1. Blinking – When a player blinks repeatedly, it is a good indication that the player is lying about something. If the player puts down a big amount of chips and you or someone at the table asks or comments on what kind of hand the player has and the player says he or she has a good hand but is blinking a lot, then most likely the player is lying about the good hand. I must warn you that you need to study the blinking pattern of the player before you can call his or her bluff.


  1. Twitching – When a player twitches his or her mouth, nose or eyes, it usually means the player is trying to hide an excited expression. If you see a player twitch when receiving his or her hand, it usually means the player has a good hand. If a player raises the bet that the player put down and the player twitches, it would be a good idea to fold if you do not have a great hand because the player who twitched probably has a great hand.

  1. Nervous talk – If you see a player at your table talking more than normal during the hand that is being played, it usually means he or she is nervous about something. If you or another player puts down or raises a bet and the player who is supposed to go next to bet begins talking to you or the bet placer more than normal, it is a good indicator that he or she is phishing for a tell from the bet placer or you; if that happens, it usually means the player is not sure about his or her hand.


  1. Wide eyed – If a players eyes are wide open without blinking that much, it usually means he or she is pleased with his or her hand. If the player puts down a sizable bet with non-blinking wide open eyes, it would be wise to fold if you do not have a strong hand.


  1. Relaxed – If a player appears to be relaxed during game play, it usually means he or she is confident with the hand that was dealt to him or her. If you see a player, who is relaxed, putting down or raising a bet, it would be a good idea to fold if you do not have a strong hand.

  1. Over Exaggerating – If you see a player over exaggerate a tell, it usually means he or she is trying to give a false tell. If you see a player over exaggerate a tell, it would be wise to think the opposite of the tell he or she is trying to convey.

Poker Strategy Tips on Reducing the Field and when to Quit

Raising to Reduce the Field

There are times you should consider raising a hand even when you know you probably don’t hold the best cards. This is how many players on KoinQQ have made their spot to the top of the chart boards and continue to play the game with interest. There are many various reasons to raise a hand. This tip focuses on just one of those circumstances. There may be times when you have a good starting hand that plays better against a limited number of opponents. As an example, KQ off-suit is a good starting hand in a limit Hold’em game. If you already have a player or two in the pot in front of you, you could easily be behind to a hand like AJ or 88, but the hand is generally still worth seeing a flop. However, the more opponents you have,

the weaker this hand becomes. This is a good time to raise in an attempt to reduce the field. Hopefully this will eliminate some hands like suited connectors and such. Pocket pairs are best against either a very small field (where they can hold up on their own), or against a large field (where you’re looking to hit a set).

When to Quit

The issue often comes up, “At what point should you stop playing for the day or the session?” The answer to this question depends on your objectives in playing poker.

If you are a regular player, you should take a break or quit for the day when your quality of play has deteriorated. This may come from frustration, fatigue, boredom, or distractions. When you aren’t playing your best, then quit. This might mean you can play for 15 hours without trouble, or it could mean you shouldn’t play 15 minutes. Note that you are not quitting based on being up or down a set amount of money, referred to as “stop loss”. If you’re winning and playing well, why would you stop? If you’re losing because of luck, but playing well, there’s no need to stop, assuming you are within your bankroll. If you are losing for other reasons, change tables or quit for now.

If on the other hand, you are a recreational player, someone who plays just for fun every now and then, you may need to quit based on a set amount of money or time. Ask yourself what your objectives are. Perhaps it is to play for five hours with your friends? Then play for five hours or until the money you took runs out. To buy that new DVD box set? Then quit when you’ve won enough to pay for it. To spend $50 and play until it’s gone? Then don’t get more (perhaps don’t even have more with you). Just want to have fun at any expense? Contact me and we’ll set up a game 🙂 The key is to set your objectives before you go to play and know how and when you will stop.


At Black Bean Games we are all about providing you the latest and most interesting content when it comes to online casinos and gambling. We are really passionate about the poker, that is why we are here with the best tips and strategies that will help new players to establish themselves in the casino industry. Moreover, professional players can improve their skills and get better with their games. We are excited to share with you the best online casino content.




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