All You Need To Know About Video Poker Tournaments
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Video poker tournaments are one of the most popular forms of casino gambling. These tournaments offer a fast-paced environment, with players competing to win cash prizes by using cards that have been randomly generated from an electronic video display. There are two kinds of video poker tournaments: online and live. Even slots games have become […]

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Advantages of online gambling over regular gambling
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There is no denying that it is true that the online betting industry has been affected. Assume that by 2020, the total salary will be an incredible $ 66.67 billion. Forecasters estimate that growth should increase to $ 100 billion each by 2026. That’s almost half of that growth in just six years! The basic […]

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Here Are The Free Poker Tips To Discover The Top Way To Cash In Texas Holdem Tournaments!

We all know that playing Pkv games is chased from all over the world because it is a great source for a person to earn money. There are lots of games available in different websites as well as applications. You can play the game as long as you have a good internet connection for playing online games. There is no restriction for playing these games. Also, you can discover the top way to earn cash in Texas Holdem tournaments. While playing gambling games, you can make your own tricks for winning the game. It is not difficult to play gambling games as a person should know all the basic rules as well as regulations for playing these games. 

You can play them whenever you want and there is no need to visit casinos for playing gambling games. If you have a good internet connection then you can easily play these games. There are several tournaments as well as challenges are generated on gambling websites through which you can earn good cash money.

Now, in the lower section, after scrolling down you will be going to read some tips to discover the top way to cash in Texas Holdem tournaments as:

  • Firstly, you need to prepare yourself for precipitating in tournaments because it requires high skills and tricks. 
  • The second thing is to consider all the rules and regulations for playing these games in tournaments.
  • You need to be attentive enough so that it becomes appropriate for you to predict the chances and moves of opponent. 

If you consider the above listed information than it become beneficial for you to earn good cash money by participating and winning in tournaments. May the above listed data will be helpful for you to win the games.

Draw poker – A unique poker variant!

If you are into gambling, then you must be well aware of poker. Poker is one of the most loved forms of gambling, and it is the most played gambling games. There are various types of poker games, and each one of them has different concepts, rules, regulations, etc. One of the unique variants of poker is Draw poker. Even the players playing different poker games such as pkv, Texas hold’em, etc. are quite attracted to the draw poker. If you are new to draw poker, then there are some simple steps through which you can learn to play it without any difficulties.

A step-by-step guide to playing draw poker

The steps for playing draw poker are quite similar to other poker games, but the rules of all of them are different.

Step 1

The first and foremost step to play draw poker is to post the blinds. In this initial step, both the players have to post blinds, but the second player has to post double the size of the blind posted by the first player. The blind posted by the first player is called the small blind, and the blind posted by the second player is termed as the big blind as it is twice to the first one.

Step 2

The second step is quite basic and simple as in it cards are to be dealt with the players. Each player gets the same amount of cards, which is commonly five. But you can also vary it according to different gameplay.

Step 3

The third step involves betting rounds. In this step, the betting starts, and the player on the left of big blind places first bet. There are various actions that he can take, such as raise, call the size of blind or fold. This betting round goes on until the last player calls or folds.

My Opinion of Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4

We all know what Call of Duty. It is has been one of the most popular first-person shooters since 2003 (The release of the first one). Being a big game fan myself, I decided to buy the latest release “Call of Duty 4”.

Single Player:

I stop by Gamestop and pick up a copy. I head home and install it, all is going well. I installed it and headed straight for the single-player campaigns. For the most part, the game has a very good plot storyline but it is a bit confusing when you switch characters. The lack of vehicles in the game makes it very disappointing as it can get extremely boring just shooting.

The good thing about the campaign mode is that it won’t bore you. There are always new and exciting missions that keep you pumped and ready for the next mission. After about three days of playing the game on and off, I had finally completed it. It’s fun and there are some very thrilling parts. I enjoyed how much the game contrasted with real life. In one of the missions, you are set out to snipe a leader and it is quite amazing to see that Activision took into account the curve of the earth, the wind speeds, and much more. It is nice to see realistic details like these in games. Every bit helps. Now the single-player was fun, so the multiplayer has to be a blast! Wrong!


When I first started playing multiplayer I have to admit, I was having fun. There was no lack of action, no matter what server you played. Every map had a different layout and you learned something new every time you played. The implementation of radar, helicopter attacks, and jet attacks made it a good incentive to stay alive and obtain more kills. The leveling system is pretty interesting too. Being able to upgrade your weapons as you gain levels is nice, but not for the noobie. Most new players would have to face much more powerful weapons and gear that would leave you helpless. So it is definitely difficult to start playing multiplayer without a few friends to show you the ropes.

Now, this wasn’t it. Here come the cons. Along with obtaining the gear with each level you gain, you also have the ability to select “Perks” which are basically extra specialties you get such as “Extra Health”, “More Powerful Bullets”, “Longer Range”, etc… These perks are nice until I found one in particular that pretty much ruins the game. Any previous Call of Duty 4 player knows exactly what I’m talking about. Martyrdom. Martyrdom gives the player the ability to drop a grenade on death. Now you may be wondering how this ruins the game. Well, it pretty much takes away the necessity of having any skill. Any player could get the perk “Martyrdom” and run on top of you, get killed by you, then take you down with him. The grenades in Call of Duty 4 have ridiculously long-range and are very powerful. So any FPS lover can quickly understand how this becomes a problem. Another con is that after playing for a while, the maps become repetitive, and as I have mentioned before – there are no vehicles. The lack of vehicles makes it very boring to play over and over.

The final and leading con I see about the multiplayer structure Call of Duty 4 has is the level system. For some reason Activision decided to make it so player data is stored client-side, meaning on your computer. Most games store a player’s data on their servers but not on this case. What this allowed people to do was to exchange player data. So basically, anyone can go online now and download a level 55 player data file and get level 55 on multiplayer instantly. This is a key flaw in CoD4’s design and is probably the staple reason why levels are disregarded in “player reputations” these days.

In conclusion, Call of Duty 4 is a decent game. The multiplayer is a bit flawed but it has its good parts. The single-player campaign mode is fun and exhilarating. I would recommend buying it and trying it. Although, there are millions of players that have already tried Call of Duty for such players I would recommend Login Poker which is another really amazing gaming portal that offers you the best card games. 

Xbox 1 – Success or Failure?

Asking if the Xbox 1 was a success or failure is actually a relative question. How could a console that sold over 22 million units worldwide be a failure? I don’t think the entire system was a failure, but aspects of it were. The system spurred the console wars even more with a third competitor. Sony, of course, had the advantage since it was on it’s second console release. And Sony’s system had been a huge success for home gamers, as a CD unit. Nintendo had an advantage as well, even though the GameCube was their first CD style unit, since Nintendo has made gaming systems for years even before Sony arrived. The biggest problem Microsoft faced was how did the Xbox compare to the PlayStation2? Sony knew what its gamers wanted and that it had a market for a new system with the PS2. Microsoft couldn’t be completely positive their system would do as well. It didn’t help that several people grumbled about Microsoft not sticking to what they knew, computers.

The Xbox launched on November 15, 2001, shortly before the GameCube, and sold well. The sales were due to hard core gamers who have to have any and every game systems available. It was the first console that had a built in hard drive. Something that made gamers happy because they didn’t need to buy a memory card to save their progress through games right away. This helped spur more game sales, as well as consoles, themselves since gamers didn’t have to spend the $40 for a memory card, and could find ways to come up with the extra $10 for another game.

Of course the console was ugly, boxy, and very heavy. Being much bigger than the PS2, it couldn’t be sat on its side for consumers with limited space. According to a G4 Xbox 360 special, this big, boxy size was a hindrance in Japan, another big video game market. The Japanese didn’t like the size and look either so, the G4 special said, it hurt the sale of units. This could be considered the failure of the Xbox. Since the system failed in Japan, was it really a success to Microsoft? From my knowledge, game console manufacturers have considered success if a system does well in the United States and Japan.

The other big problem with the Xbox was the original controller. It was big and bulky, like the console. This made them uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time. It didn’t take long before Microsoft fixed this by coming out with the smaller, S type, controller. Of course, everyone who owned Xboxes had to rebuy their controllers if they wanted to play comfortably. This could be extremely expensive since there were owners who had at least two, and possibly all four, controllers to play multi-person games.

The final note of failure for the Xbox comes in the DVD capability of it. Being a DVD played was one of the options that Microsoft boasted about before its release. It was disappointing that the consumer had to buy the remote, instead of being able to either use a controller or purchase the remote if they were so inclined. The remote cost $29.99 from most places, and really seems to be just another way for Microsoft to bilk more money from the consumers.

One really good concept that Microsoft came out with for the controllers, were the detachable cord connection. There are people who didn’t, and probably still don’t, understand what the purpose of such a cable is. Besides using it to connect the cord to extensions, it was for people who had their consoles on a table and played away from the system. The cord would be stretched across the room and if someone tried to step over it and missed, that person wouldn’t pull the system off the table, possibly breaking it. Instead the cord would disconnect at this spot, saving the system from damage. This could very well have been part of the success of the Xbox. If you never had it happen to a system, it can not only ruin the console, but also scratch the discs and bend controller cords.

As with the PS2, when the Xbox launched, it had the capability of online play, although the program was not set up yet. Once Xbox Live launched, and Sony didn’t have online yet, the Xbox took off, gaining more than 1.4 million subscribers in the first year. Now instead of playing against the computer or family member, the player could challenge someone around the world. Many games gained better replayability due to this, which again made the Xbox more successful.

Games themselves both were a curse and blessing for the Xbox system. Some games were only available for PS2, which Xbox only owners complained about. The biggest hit was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Release November 5, 2002 it took the video game world by storm. For several months the games was boasted as a PS2 only game, but then news came out that it would be released on the Xbox in a dual set of Vice City and GTA 3. There were even some features that PS2 players didn’t get. Xbox’s exclusive titles blew away its competition in console games. Halo, was a game that utilized the Xbox graphics well, the controls were well laid out, and it exceeded everyone’s expectations of it. Because of this, when a delay came about with Halo 2, gamers didn’t grumble as loudly. And when it was released, the graphics capabilities really showed. Both games were, and still are, Xbox only, and last I have heard Bungee plans to keep it that way, even releasing Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 only.

Project Gotham Racing and Fable also showed off the superior graphics of the system. Cars looked real enough to touch in PGA and the background for Fable gave the game so much depth, sometimes a gamer didn’t know what really was the edge of the playing screen. Both games spawned sequels for which fans were grateful and flocked to buy as well. Even though these games were released for the PC, since not everyone plays computer games that does console games, they were both considered Xbox only games.

There are also games that didn’t do as well but had their charm. Cell Damage, a cartoon based smack’em up in vehicles game, the gamer could be a foul mouth duck or Goth girl in a tank. The premise, hit your opponents more than anyone else up to 500 whacks. It had several levels of skill and different settings, which also gave different main characters for those settings. Fusion Frenzy could be played by up to four people, for a party gaming session. It was a bunch of mini games to see who had the best eye to hand coordination. It did get repetitive quickly, but people stilled played it to see who was better.

The Xbox also utilized the use of High Definition television, touting games that were compatible with it. This made the games come even more alive. Games that aren’t listed as HD compatible look better on an HD television with an Xbox than PS2 or GameCube. Since HD TV’s are becoming more popular in homes, this might have spurred even more sales of Xboxes to new consumers in the last two years, just to take advantage of better graphics. And of course there were several places that sold packages that included an HD TV when the new Xbox 360 was released.

All in all it seems that the Xbox was both a success and failure. Truthfully, any system is both. Console developers use the current system to see what consumers like and dislike. They try to keep what works, and improve what didn’t. The Xbox was no exception. Developers even followed in Sony’s footsteps, making sure the new system was backward compatible. Other than a few minor annoyances, I’m going to say the Xbox was a success. Of course I could be cutting Microsoft some slack because it was their first venture into the console wars.

Just because any game has sold more or less number of DVDs does not signify its success or failure but just indicates the change of times as the general public wants something different and unique to cater to the current time period which is why Domino99 Online revamped itself and rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

A Look at Warhammer Online from a Vet Player

Warhammer Online:

Age of Reckoning, or officially abbreviated as WAR, is an MMO developed by Mythic Entertainment. The game met with a pretty decent launch, but slowly tapered off as the subscriptions died down. Now it seems the game is getting some life with new players, but most of those left are only the die hard fans, or those that don’t want to give up on a game they played for so long. The base mechanics of the game are good and functional, although the end game content is somewhat lacking.

Setting Info

The world of Warhammer is dark, gritty, and in a state of constant warfare. Each race having its own hated foe, and alliances being strenuous at best. For WAR the developers chose to place the game before a point in the actual Warhammer lore, setting it into a somewhat alternate timeline than the general accepted continuity. This was to set the game apart from the tabletop lore and to make it so that the end result of the game wasn’t a predetermined event, therefore making the game seem like the ending was decided by the winning players.


The game splits the factions into Order and Destruction. Order consists of Humans, Dwarfs, and High Elves. Destruction has Chaos (Think Vikings with a twist), Greenskins (Orcs and Goblins), and Dark Elves (High Elves that are essentially just evil, sadistic, and twisted in nature. Not dark skinned). Each race is paired with another race. Humans versus Chaos, Greenskins and Dwarfs, and High Elves and Dark Elves. The pairings are essentially just themed zones, each having different quests and their own PvP area. Each race also has four “unique” classes to it, though the mechanics are shared by a counterpart on the opposing realm. Each class has a mechanic mirror, and a role mirror and most times those two are not the same. For example, the Dwarf Ironbreaker’s mechanic mirror is the Dark Elf Blackguard, but it’s role mirror is the Greenskin Black Orc. If you ask some of the experts and experienced gamers of this awesome game, they would tell you that it is one of the best games they have every played. Just like QQ Online, this game provides a lot of positive features and aspects to gamers.


When it comes to PvP, or RvR as Mythic calls it, WAR does it right even if the system is buggy and a little lacking. Some issues are present with server-client lag causing people to be a little behind or ahead of where you think they are. Another issue is the main way they do the buff-debuff system. Each effect is applied and then looks at the attackers stats when ticking on the one effected. This doesn’t seem like it would cause issues, but when you apply this on grand scale that WAR likes to do with the massive fights they have it can cause some more lag. Take that effect you applied on that player, and now apply that effect to five more people and it’s being applied by ten other people at once. Now that has to reference you, and the ten other people when looking at those six people the effect is on. That’s a lot of calculations that have to be done at once, and that’s only a minor example.

Mythic provides you with an “RvR Lake” (Realm vs Realm area) in each zone to head out and take the objectives in such as points and Keeps. You’ll fight with the enemy faction if any happen to be out while attempting to take these objectives, and eventually if you take them and rack up enough points or wait for the long timer, the zone will lock and reward your efforts by giving you some renown and flipping the campaign to the next zone in that pairing. There is also the Scenario system. You can queue up alone, or with a party, to take part in scenarios. These are instanced fights that are at least semi-balanced in terms of numbers, and each has a set objective to complete that helps your side to win the scenario. Such as delivering a bomb to the drop off point, or a game of capture the flag. If you don’t have time to get in on the larger RvR action, grabbing a few scenarios is easy to do.

The end of the RvR campaign is a city siege mechanic. This mechanic has already been changed once before since it didn’t work well, and the new system doesn’t work that much better. Apparently another new system is in the works for patch 1.3.4 that is going to change it once more, and hopefully make the end game content that much better. As it is now once the city siege happens most people log off, or level alts since scenarios are no longer available and the city is just boring overall.


The game has your usual PvE in terms of quests and killing mobs, but that’s to be expected from every single MMO on the market. The end game dungeons require things called Wards. These are acquired numerous ways, the easiest way being by getting the piece of gear that unlocks it from the previous dungeon. Example being Dungeon A requires no wards, but drops Lesser Ward gear. Dungeon B needs Lesser Wards and drops Greater Wards. So you have to do dungeon A to get the Wards to do Dungeon B to be able to do Dungeon C. If you attempt to do the dungeon without having the Wards it won’t end well since they are required to reduce the damage that the mobs in that dungeon deal to you. Currently the best end game gear drops in the PvE instances, but the developers are supposed to be fixing that a little with later patches and trying to make the game far more RvR oriented since that is the games basis and most successful portion.

Look and Sound

The game has a nice look, the graphics being better than most games but starting to fall behind with the release of other games. The game visually looks better than Everquest 2, or World of Warcraft, but doesn’t look as nice as Aion. The sound effects and music are pretty good overall. The soundtrack for the game is nice, but is rarely ever heard. If it had more use then it would be better, but as it was since I rarely heard it I just turned it off and played my own music in the background.


I would give the game a chance if you a haven’t played it. They offer an endless free trial with some major limitations, but it’s a very good way to pick up the game and play to see if it’s a good fit for you. If you have played it and quit, then give it some time and try it out again, they have some things in the works that should improve the game as a whole, but only time will tell.

Review: Route 66 Casino Hotel in New Mexico

The Route 66 Casino Hotel is located just 10 minutes west of Albuquerque at Exit 140 and Central. The Route 66 Casino Hotel offers an amphitheater, slot machines, restaurants, a nightclub and the newest of all, their hotel that has only been open for a few short years now. The place is always booming with business and activities to engage in. Although if you one of those people that are interested in playing online games rather than going to the actual casino then you have dominoqq where you can get some of the most amazing card games that you can try for yourself. 

As you drive along Interstate 40 you can see the lights of the Route 66 Casino Hotel from a distance away. It gives the impression of Las Vegas with its lights and large structure. The hotel and casino are linked together and both offer free VIP parking. The place is clean and colorful with an atmosphere of fun on the casino side and a sense of relaxation on the hotel side with their large waterfall as you step in the door.

Hotel room:

Over the summer of 2008, I won a free night’s stay at the hotel, as well as dinner for two. We requested the top floor so we could overlook the town and see the pretty outside casino lights from our large hotel window. The hotel was decorated in a modern sort of Southwestern feel, which is not unusual considering many New Mexican hotels do the same. It was a pretty room, though and nicely furnished with colorful carpet, bedding and curtains. There is a TV in each room with cable (or satellite) but no microwave. There are two comfy queen beds and a large enough tub for a bubble bath. The soap is a nice smelling coconut lime that looks like it was purchased at a bath and body store.

Pool area:

After unpacking, we decided to try out the indoor pool. The water was a nice, warm temperature, making it perfect for the kids and adults alike. The pool area is decorated in a tropical scenery that makes you feel like you’re somewhere special. There is a large waterfall, palm trees, beautiful foliage, and a mural. It is a large enough pool to accommodate several families. If you are up to it, there is also a wonderful jet spa that is very bubbly and relaxes tense muscles. The lounge chairs are plentiful and are perfect for relaxing and reading a book or watching their little tv’s located all over the hotel-casino.


The restaurant I won tickets to was the nicest one; there with meals costing about $18/plate. I decided to get the rack of lamb and was not disappointed. The meat was tender and had a delicious lemony sauce over the meat, as well as encrusted herbs. My mom got a tilapia and it was so tender and flaky and not disappointing either. The part I didn’t like is that it took quite a while to get our meals. However, I loved the ambiance of the place with the vines running along their lattice “ceiling” with white Christmas lights. It had the feel of a small bistro in Italy at night. The restaurant was incorporated right into the casino, however, it still gave privacy to the restaurant and was not loud with slot machines in the area we were in.


Although I’m not much of a gambler, I decided to play the penny machines that night. I probably only played a dollar or so but it lasted me a while as I went from machine to machine with my player’s card testing out the different slot machines. I loved the colorful ones such as Cleopatra or dancing fruits. There is a lot of variety to choose from! I didn’t head to the KXX nightclub but saw dancers there and people lounging around having some drinks. I have attended their amphitheater in the past and it’s a very nice and spacious area for entertainment.

I plan on returning to the hotel for a night’s stay in the future to take my family swimming and to get away from Albuquerque for the weekend. With a (free) player’s card, the room only costs $66 which is a great price.

Lottery and Gambling Options in the State of Texas

In November of 1991, the State of Texas legislators approved a constitutional amendment that created the State Lottery. The majority of the money collected is directed at Texas schools. The lottery began operating in 1992 with two types of games, instant games, and lotto. If you are not familiar with all these games and want to learn more about the tips and strategies that you can follow in order to improve your chances of winning then you can try with a lot of tips from professional players and gambling enthusiasts. 

Instant games or ‘scratchers’ are available at all retailer stores than have a contract with the Lotto. Retailers include grocery stores, gas stations, convenience and liquor stores where scratch-offs can be purchased. New games are introduced regularly throughout the year with some of them having a theme to relate to the time of year. For example, a scratch-off game called Holiday Millionaire was started in time for the holiday season. Many of the games advertised in the name, the top winning amount of money for the game, such as $1,000,000 Club, $300,000 Casino Thrills and $50,000 Mania. The individual price for a scratch-off ticket varies for each game. Most instant games cost between $1 and $5 per ticket. Some of the games with the highest pay-offs can cost up to $30.00 for one ticket.

Lotto Texas was the first lotto game. People playing the game try to guess which numbers will be randomly drawn and match three, five or six numbers to win money prizes. The current version of Lotto Texas has players choosing five numbers from 1 through 44 and then one bonus number from 1 through 44 located on a playslip. People who do not want to choose their own numbers can ask the retailer for a ‘Quick Pick’. A quick pick is a set of numbers that are generated randomly by a computer. If you are particularly fond of your chosen numbers, you can check a box and have the numbers played up to ten future drawings. Each drawing, with one set of numbers, costs $1. You have two options for how to receive your money and you have to pick when you purchase your drawing. The first is to have your winnings given to you in twenty-five annual payments. The second is to take the ‘Cash Value Option’, which means to take one lump sum. This typically averages out to half of the jackpot amount. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 10:12 p.m. Central time.

In October of 2003, Texas joined Mega Millions, making it the eleventh state to join this multi-state game. It was authorized by House Bill 3459 and signed by the governor in June. The drawings are held in Georgia on Tuesdays and Fridays with each play costing $1. Using a playslip, players pick five numbers from 1 through 52 and one Mega Ball number from another set of 1 through 52 numbers. The jackpot for this game starts at $10 million. People like playing this lotto as the jackpot totals can reach get to $300 million or more on rare occasions. Texas added one thing to this game when joining. It is called the Megaplier and can multiple their non-jackpot winning amounts by two, three or four times.

Other lotto-type games that are available in Texas are the Texas Two-Step, which has players choosing four numbers from 1 through 35 and a bonus ball number. Cash Five, which awards prizes for matching two, three, four or five numbers from a field of 37. Pick 3 is twice a day, six days a week drawing that costs .50 each play. Six are during the day and the other six are at night. You pick three numbers from 0 through 9. The top prize amount is $500 on a $1 play.

Guide to Betting on Sports: What is a Pleaser?

One of the less common bet types you’ll find at sportsbooks is a “pleaser.” Only a handful of sportsbooks offer these, so you may have to shop around to find them, if this turns out to be a form of betting you’re interested in.

The name “pleaser” was chosen due to its similarity to the much more common bet type “teaser.” For pleasers are indeed based on a similar concept.

With teasers the line moves several points in your favor on two or more games, and therefore you get paid at less favorable odds. While Login Poker at online sites, all the odds and favor should be in the notice of the players. It will guide the players to play at poker tables for increasing the real cash at bank account. 

With pleasers the line moves several points against you on two or more games, and therefore you get paid at less favorable odds.

Let’s look at an example:

Say you feel most confident of two wagers this weekend. You really like the Bears +10 (you think they’ll keep it close, and have a good chance to win), and the Chiefs -7 (you can’t see it being that close, as the Chiefs will probably win in a blowout).

If you were to bet those as, say, a 6 point pleaser, you’d get Bears +4 and Chiefs -13, with a payoff at most sportsbooks of about +600 (which is 6 to 1).

(For comparison purposes, if you simply parlayed your selections you’d have Bears +10 and Chiefs -7 for about +260. If you played them as a 6 point teaser you’d have Bears +16 and Chiefs -1 for about -110.)

Obviously the more teams you add and the more points you add, the harder it is to win, and the better the payoff when you do.

Generally speaking, the factors to look at when considering whether and where to bet pleasers are the same as with teasers:

  1. Shop odds. Don’t make the bet at +600 at one shop if you can make it at +650 at another.
  2. Shop lines, as you would for straight bets, teasers, etc.
  3. Know the rule for ties. Normally pleasers reduce down the same way teasers do (e.g., if you bet a four team pleaser and one of your selections ties, it is graded as a three team pleaser based on the outcome of the remaining selections). But check at your sportsbook, in case they have a rule that a tie counts as a loss. And see how they handle a situation where after reducing down for ties there is only one selection left, as different sportsbooks may grade this differently (since there’s no such thing as a one team pleaser).
  4. Most importantly, take into account key pointspread numbers. For football sides, for instance, just as with teasers you want to cross the 3 and to a lesser extent the 7 and 10 because so many games land on those numbers, with pleasers you want to avoid crossing those numbers for the very same reason.

Guide to Betting on Sports: What Are Team Totals?

Not to be confused with “totals,” which are wagers on the total number of points that will be scored in a game, “team totals” are wagers on the number of points that will be scored by just one of the teams.

So let’s say the Colts are a 10 point favorite over the Bears in a game with a total of 44. The “team total” lines would probably be about 27 for the Colts and 17 for the Bears (since 27 minus 17 is 10, and 27 plus 17 is 44).

Team totals are not particularly common or uncommon. I would estimate 25%-50% of sportsbooks offer team totals on the NFL, with a substantially smaller number offering this bet type on a few other sports like college football, NBA, or college basketball.

One disadvantage of team totals is that they are pretty much always offered at full juice (vigorish). That is, the standard for straight bets on sides and totals at sportsbooks is -110, with reduced juice of -107 or -105 becoming more common in recent years. For team totals (as for just about anything other than sides and totals on major sports), -110 is the best you’ll see, with a fair number of places charging -115 or worse.

So is there any point in bothering with team totals? Can one ever find an edge on them?

Well, one situation in which they can come in handy is if the way you’re handicapping a game gives you much more confidence about one team than the other.

Using our above example, let’s say you really like the match-up of the Colts offense and the Bears defense. You don’t think the Bears can stop the Colts, and expect the Colts to pretty much score at will. On the other hand, you just don’t have much of a sense for whether the Bears erratic offense will do much against the Colts.

So the way you’re thinking of it, you could easily see the Colts scoring about 28 points in the first half, shutting down the Bears, and pretty much coasting the rest of the way, mostly just calling conservative plays and eating up clock in the second half, en route to winning something like 38-3 or 35-7. But you also could see this game being a shootout, where, yes, the Colts are piling up the points, but so are the Bears. So it’s more like a 42-35 or 37-34 game one way or the other.

OK, the problem with betting the side or total in this game is that under the first scenario, Colts -10 and Under 44 would win, and under the second scenario, Bears +10 and Over 44 would win. So do you bet the Colts, the Bears, the Over, or the Under?

One option would be to skip the straight bets and play two of the four possible parlay combinations (Colts and Under, and Bears and Over, leaving out Colts and Over, and Bears and Under).

But another option would be to bet a team total instead. Since under both scenarios you see the Colts scoring at least in the 30s, why not bet the Over 27 Colts team total?

Team totals are probably not near the top of the list of the bet types you’ll want to master and use extensively to be the most successful at sportsbetting, but they can be a worthwhile modest addition to your repertoire. Playing sportsbetting is like playing login poker, for you to become expert on it, you have to gain experience and formulate strategies.

NCAA Tournament: Injury Update

Injuries are a key in betting the NCAA Tournament but these can also help with the last second brackets. Some players have nagging injuries that many may not have known about and some players may be sucking it up and coming back to play in their last NCAA Tournament. If there is 먹튀, there is bound to be some of this action happening here. 

Injuries in practice to one key player can affect a teams NCAA Tournament run. Searching team websites usually doesn’t work when searching for injuries but most teams are practicing in front of reporters as they prepare in the NCAA Tournament venues across the country. So read the Internet and listen to the radio as much as possible before placing those last second wagers at the sports books.

Missouri’s Lawrence Bowers two torn ligaments in his right wrist.

Lawrence Bowers rode the bench most of the year for Missouri then was pressed into action when Junior Justin Safford went out with a torn ACL in his left knee. Safford was averaging just over 8 points but Bowers has averaged over 10 points. Bowers will play with a splint as he did in Missouri’s 15 point loss to lowly Nebraska.

UNLV’s Derrick Jasper and Tre’Von Willis may both play for UNLV.

Derrick Jasper, a Kentucky transfer on the UNLV squad has been out for almost seven weeks now with an ankle injury but has been practicing and looking good heading into #8 UNLV’s tilt with #9 Northern Iowa. Jasper would be a huge addition for UNLV defensively and if Jasper does play it will be off the bench.

Tre’Von Willis suffered a nasty rolled ankle in UNLV’s victory over BYU and he has been hobbled in practices heading into the NCAA Tournament. Tre’Von Willis is the team leader for UNLV this year and if he can’t go in the Northern Iowa game it could be devastating for UNLV.

Syracuse center Arinze Onuaku has quadricep injury.

Arinze Onuaku, Syracuse big man, has a quadricep injury and has been listed day to day heading into the NCAA Tournament. Onuaku is a big part of the Syracuse chemistry and he should sit as a precaution in Syracuse first game against Vermont. Onuaku is expected to play in Syracuse second round game.

The NCAA Tournament creates a bit of an atmosphere of secrecy on the level of Bill Belichik of the New England Patriots. As injuries become more apparent during they day we will update.

Villanova to sit Scottie Phillips and Corey Fisher.

#2 NCAA Tournament seed, Villanova has chosen to sit Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher to start their game against #15 seed Villanova. The decision was called a teaching decision by coach Jay Wright who deemed it a “teaching point.” It shouldn’t make much of a difference since the game will be a walkover.


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