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Almost 30 years after Monty Python’s legendary movie The Holy Grail was first brought to our screens, Playtech have finally come up with an exciting new slot game that fits the fun and frolics of the original movie. The light hearted nature of the Spamalot slot makes it such good fun and, not only do you get chance to win money, but you’ll likely have a laugh along the way.

If you are familiar with the movie – sacrilege if not – then you will be delighted to see characters such as King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin, Lady of the Lake and Sir Galahad all makes guest appearances throughout the game. Added to that is the inclusion of their actual voices complementing the authenticity of the Spamalot game.

Spamalot Features

Software: Playtech Reels: 5 Paylines: 20 Bet Limits: $0.01-$1.00 Max Coins Per Line: 10 Max Possible Bet: $20 Wild Symbol: Yes–Grail Logo Scatter Symbol: Yes — Monty Python logo Top Fixed Jackpot: $5,000 Progressive: No

Spamalot Gameplay

The slot is set out in a Ye Olde English style – old school, for the kids – with the reels set upon a skyline background with a random cow in the corner. As the game wears on and you begin to make use of the 4 bonus rounds that they offer you will start to realise the significance of the cows which to non Holy Grail lovers will seem rather odd indeed.

The look and feel is actually quite eye catching which is pleasing as when upon hearing news of the release of the Spamalot slot all we could think of were gimmicky write offs from the original movie. The 5 reel slot based on 3 rows allows you to quickly determine if you have been successful with a host of betting options to change at your disposal.

Whilst the presentation isn’t amazing it certainly isn’t the worst we’ve seen with the graphics and even the music still not becoming tedious even after several hours of play – something that cannot be said for a host of slots we’ve previously looked at. The 4 bonus rounds – of which we will go into more detail next – provide a good path to actually winning some money whilst also keeping you entertained with some hilarity at times.

Bonus Games

The bonus games are where the Spamalot slot really comes alive. The 4 games are brilliantly named Storm the castle, None Shall Pass, Knights Who Say Ni (particular favourite) and Killer Rabbits. Let’s break each game down and take a closer look

Probably the funniest part of the move is where they try and storm the castle and in this bonus round you must avoid the flying cows to prosper. Basically what you need to do is select a platform from 1-6 areas on the screen. If the cow misses then you progress, if you get hit then your bonus round will end and you will collect your prize before heading back to the main game. This bonus is actually quite tricky and getting a ‘streak’ of misses is quite tough and to be honest, a little frustrating.

The None Shall Pass bonus round refers to the part in the film with the ridiculously brave knight and it’s that knight that features in this section. As King Arthur you will attempt to slice as many limbs off the knight as possible in an allotted time to earn cash rewards and increase your multiplier. Each time you miss or fail to chop a limb the multiplier is lowered. It sounds pretty gruesome reading that back but it’s not, we can assure you. Once the round is over your cash and multipliers will be added to your overall score and you will be returned to the slots.

The Knights Who Say Ni – need we say anymore? Possibly the single most brilliantly named bonus round ever! Enough of that though, on to the info! In this round you will be able to choose from three shrubberies. Each shrubbery will have a certain value – of which you do not know – before presenting it to the Knights Who Say Ni. They will value your shrub before sending you back to your game with your cash bonus or multipliers. In all fairness apart from the name it’s a pretty dull game compared to the others on Spamalot, but the name goes a long way with this one for us.

The Killer Rabbits bonus rounds require you to guide your fleet of 6 knights past a killer rabbit hidden behind a stone. You have to throw grenades at the stone before trying to blow up the rabbit. If you manage to blow the rabbit up you will be able to get all 6 men across safely before getting rewards for each knight you save.

Finally, the Spamalot game offers up to 10 free games if you manage to collect at least 3 Spamalot symbols. Once you go into ‘free mode’ your spins will run through and if you manage to collect 5 of the Holy Grail’s then you will enter the bonus rounds after your free spins have completed.


Overall the Spamalot game is a heap of fun. For anyone who has enjoyed the film in the past then you will love this slot. There are timely reminders of scenes from the Holy Grail that just make you laugh throughout playing Spamalot and the added actual voices of the actors really bring the slot to life. The payouts for the slot are good, although the upper limit on spins is a little low. On the whole, quite simply a must for Holy Grail lovers!

Where to play Spamalot

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