Omni Casino Releases Whopping Eight New Games

It had been a quiet past few weeks, and even months, for the popular Omni Casino. While they still were offering players some great deposit bonuses and a few random promotions here and there throughout the past month or two, it was a bit ago that we heard from the Omni Casino that they would be releasing quite a few new online casino games for the players. There was no specific date or time attached to this though, and they never really followed up on that much. Apparently the reason or that though was just to build the hype, as they have now set eight, yes EIGHT, new games live in their online casino. The news was released to players through The Omni Times newsletter, and they also stated that more than 40 games are going to be coming out over the next few weeks.

While not all of the new games were released or mentioned specifically, there have been a few games featured in the newsletter, as well as some different promotions at the Omni Casino as well. One of the new popular games is going to be a Marvel themed game, called Thor- The Mighty Avenger. Thor is one of the most talked about and followed comic book and film characters out there today, and it has 30 paylines, many different bonus features, and a great progressive jackpot attached to it as well. There will be a free play bonus that is offered to players on Monday the 11th of March, and any player who has deposited $250 or more last month or to this point during the current month can contact customer support to get a free slots bonus worth $15. New releases of games are available at idn poker site. It improves the winning chances and experience of the gamblers. The progressive jackpots are playing a vital role in the engagement of the people. The number of the bonuses and rewards are high for the engagement of the players at the platform. 

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Another new slot machine that should definitely grab some immediate interest is the Dolphin Cash slot machine. This game is going to give players a chance to hit payouts that are worth up 12 times their total bet with the Dolphin Cash bonus. Players are also able to earn 12 free spins that will also have a three times multiplier attached to it as well. There are many different features that are attached to this game, but one of the biggest and best is the Shifting Wilds feature that you’ll definitely want to check out. There will be a bonus for this game on March 14th that will give players a $75 bonus on their deposit of $60 or more.

Last but not least, we’ll look at the game called Hot Gems, that gave quite an interesting look at the game as a whole. We saw that Hot Gems has a nice feature that is called Collapsing Reels, where players are going to get additional chances to win with just their normal wager. There is going to be a promotion running for this game on March 13th, that is going to guarantee players a prize. Any player who spins 1,000 or more times at the game with a wagering size of $0.45 or more is going to get placed into a random prize bin drawing. This will give players a bonus of anywhere from $5 to $150 just for playing!

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