Joker 8000 Fruit Slot

The Joker 8000 fruit slot is the original pub style game that paved way for many other similar fruit slots that offer interactive game play and fun themes. The Joker 8000 fruit slot was the first machine of its type seen in pubs all over the UK and Europe and built up an army of fans. The inception of the internet meant the machine could be moved to an online platform meaning players could enjoy the classic game from the comfort of their own homes. The online version of the game kept many of the original land-based machine features which give it a fantastic retro feel. The reason that the Joker 8000 fruit slot was so popular and successful when it was first released centres around the fantastic interactive gameplay. The other reasons for the Joker 8000 fruit slot being such a massive crowd pleaser include the fun theme and simple style of effects. If players want to try the game they can do so at the casino recommended in this website guide. The casino is fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agency meaning players have assured a safe and secure playing session.

The game play on offer in the Joker 8000 fruit slot is excellent and consists of two different game sections. The first section and the super game section, players aim to reach the super game section as this is where the cash prizes are awarded. The players aim is to accumulate 20 points in the first section of the Joker 8000 fruit slot so they can afford a spin in the super game section. To win points in the first section of the slot the player must line up three of the same symbols across a win line. The action of aligning different symbols means that players win differing amounts of points. The point amounts can be seen at the top of the Joker 8000 fruit slot which clearly displays to players which symbols they should focus on aligning. The best symbols for players to align are the joker followed by the crown and then the bar. The first choice a player must make when they begin the playing session on the Joker 8000 fruit slot is their stake and win line selection. The higher the player makes their stake selection the more they stand to win and the lower the selection means the less they stand to win.

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The format of the Joker 8000 fruit slot is a three reel and five win line set up creating a fast paced and free flowing game. The player must make their win line selection before they spin the reels in the Joker 8000 fruit slot. The lower the selection of win lines means the lower their chances of winning and cheaper the cost of the spin. The higher the selection of win lines in the Joker 8000 fruit slot means the more chance a player has of winning and the cost of the spin increases. The player also has the use of the optional gamble bonus in the Joker 8000 fruit slot which is presented to them at the end of a winning spin of the reels. The gamble bonus if accepted loads into a new screen giving players the chance to double or lose their winnings. The gamble bonus is a risky bet but it gives players the chance to increase their prize fund substantially which is an excellent feature of the game. The Gold Mine fruit slot also offers a gamble feature which gives players the chance to aggressively raise their prize fund.

Once the player has accumulated enough points in the first section of the Joker 8000 fruit slot they can move on to the super game. The super game costs twenty points a spin and if the player manages to align three of the same symbols then a cash prize is awarded. The different symbols and their respective paying amounts are displayed at the top of the game’s screen. The player does not have the use of either nudges or holds which means the results of the Joker 8000 fruit slot are generated based purely on a player’s luck. The Abra-Kebab-Ra fruit slot includes the use of both nudges and holds which are designed so players can use their judgment skills to manipulate the reels. The fact players can use these skills is excellent and a challenge that certain players will relish. The super game section of the Joker 8000 fruit slot also has the gamble feature giving players an amazing chance to make great winnings. The theme of the Joker 8000 fruit slot is a fun one centered on a pack of playing cards and presents the joker card as the central figure. The joker card is displayed all over the slot game and different elements like black and red cards are used to enhance the game’s theme.

The visual and sound effects that are used to bring the fun theme to life in the Joker 8000 fruit slot are simple and basic but also look excellent. The simple effects consist of the background which is wallpapered with red and black cards that enhance the game playing card theme. The symbols in the Joker 8000 fruit slot include the joker, crowns, lemons, cherries, and melons which are all presented with a simple and clear style. The title text is mounted onto a crown which gives the game a real fun feel that players will love. These different visual elements combine to create a simple and plain display that players will find very attractive. The simple effects in the Joker 8000 fruit slot allow players to focus on the gameplay and winning money which is a very advantageous factor. The Apocalypse Cow fruit slot offers a much more detailed and colorful set of effects that players who want a vibrant cartoon animated game will love. The sound effects used in the Joker 8000 fruit slot are excellent and players will love the way the simple electronic tones recreate the land-based machine perfectly.

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