Is Online Sports Betting Allowable Within The Law

Since 2006 it has been illegal for any citizen of the United States to gamble on online sports gaming. Gambling on the internet was complex when that law was passed and still remains so. In 1961 the Interstate Wire Act was passed to prevent people from gambling using the phone. Since the internet has come out, people have been curious if this law was applicable to the internet as well. The reason that this was a question was that the internet wasn’t invented until after the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 was passed. To compound the confusion, the Act didn’t clarify what forms of gambling it was meant for. The question that remained was, was the Act against all types of gambling, or only betting on sports. 

Even with all of the questions swirling around this matter, there was one surety. If you are the proprietor of a gambling website, then you will be relentlessly pursued by the government. This is one situation about which they are very serious. Of course, if you get to the source, you can resolve the problem. Further, focusing on a few hundred website owners is much easier than chasing ten million or so individuals.

Sports gambling and its legality is a hot-button issue right now. The opposition believes that games can be more easily fixed and rigged this way. Professional sports have a much lower likelihood for them to be fixed, as there are too many players and professionals involved to really be able to fix every game that’s put on. People who support sports betting cite it as something that adds to the entertainment value of the game, and it doesn’t do anyone any harm. Personally, I think that sports gambling is a bad idea that drains your finances quickly.

Of all the sports gamblers I’ve encountered over the years, they always started out putting down small, inconsequential bits. After they start losing, they try to keep chasing that one win that will make it all better, and that’s where it starts. You’ll lose a lot of money once you get into a winning streak of a dozen or more times. The first time you bet $100 and lose, you’re out $200; by the time you’ve lost a 10th time, you’ll end up betting $38,400 on your tenth bet. No matter how hard you try, in your quest to get just $100 back, you’ll end up spending almost $77,000 in the process, ending up losing everything you have in the process. You’re probably thinking the same thing most do. How do people get into this situation? However, it happens, as I’ve witnessed plenty of similar situations. A lot of people do sports betting with their emotions, which can affect your judgment. This is why it is recommended that new players should practice a lot via Pkv Games so that they can learn all the important skills that they need in order to win when they get serious with the game. 

Some discussion has been made about just charging the bettors a tax and allowing them to bet on sporting events. I personally hope they don’t make this legal because betting on sports can ruin a person and their life. People can become way too obsessed when gambling on sports. I would be the first to vote to keep gambling on sports illegal for everyone in the United States.

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