How To Guide: Online Rummy games for beginners 

Rummy is a popular card game in which the objective is for one player to get rid of all of his cards. A player disposes of his cards by forming them into groups called melds. A meld may be composed of cards of the same suit in sequence (called a sequence) or cards that have the same value (called a set). The basic rules for how to play rummy can be found at Rummy Royal, an online community for playing rummy games.

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There are various rules on how to play Rummy, but the traditional game uses two decks or 104 cards; depending on the number of players (which can range from two to six) each player receives ten, seven or six cards. The remaining cards are placed facedown on the table as a stock pile, while one card is left face upward as a discard pile; players will draw from either of these piles at the end of every turn.

A turn begins with a player taking a card from the stock or discard pile. There are two moves a player has during a turn: he can meld or lay-off (both are optional). He can make a meld if he has three cards that make up a sequence or a set. If he chooses to make a meld, he lays these cards in front of him. In laying off, a player adds cards to an existing meld, either his own or another player’s, to extend the set or sequence. For example, if one player has a meld consisting of three sixes (clubs, diamonds, hearts) another player can lay-off on that meld by adding the six of spades. Whatever moves he makes, at the end of his turn, a player must discard one of his cards to the discard pile. Once a player has successfully disposed all of his cards, he goes out and wins the hand. Once a player goes out, all the players tally up their cards. Aces are worth 1 or 11 points depending on how they are used in a meld, face cards are worth ten points and the remaining cards are worth their face value. If there are any cards remaining in a player’s hand which are not part of a meld, they are added to the winner’s score. If this seems too complex, an online demo teaching how to play rummy is also available at the Rummy Royal site.

Once you’ve mastered the traditional game, you can move to learning how to play rummy variant games. These variants include Gin Rummy, in which the objective is to be the first to lay down a valid meld using all the cards in his hand while discarding ‘deadwood’ – cards which can’t be used as part of a meld; Oklahoma which is a variation of Gin Rummy; Rummy 500, in which the objective is to be the first player to accumulate 500 points; Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51, in which the objective is to get rid of all the cards in his hand by forming melds, with the restriction that the cards making up the first meld have to total either 40 or 51. Demos teaching you how to play rummy variants as well as free games can also be found at the Rummy Royal site.

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