How Casinos Lure in Gamblers and Try to Keep Them There

If you are a gambler who spends time at the casinos, you have seen all of these casino gambling tricks in full swing. You may not always think about them consciously. Here are 10 clever marketing and publicity tricks casinos use to bring you into their establishments, and keep you there once you are in and gambling.

Casino Gambling Trick #1 No clocks or Time Limits

Although some places in the world have casinos which are not open 24/7, most like to draw their customers in and keep them there as long as possible. Staying open all hours makes it possible for every player to be there, no matter what time schedule they are used to. Add to this the fact that clocks are rarely seen on the walls of casinos. They hope you lose track of time.

People are generally pissed off with time limits and want to spend their entire life in casinos as they feel that you get to learn new tricks with live demonstration that you cannot do so while trying out online.

Casino Gambling Trick #2 Few or No Windows

Casinos may often front on streets, but once you are in them, they don’t want your focus to go outside. This makes sense. Letting you see a competitor isn’t conducive to keeping you spending in their own casino. Windows also let you see the time of day or night. Being deep inside a casino, becomes a world of its own.

Casino Gambling Trick #3 Low Lighting and Repetitive Patterns

Low lighting is soothing and keeps people relaxed. If they are relaxed and comfortable, they settle into what they are doing, which in this case, is gambling. Low lighting gives a casino that home and family feel.

Have you ever taken a good look at their choices of carpeting and décor colours? They weren’t just looking for décor that matched or looks pretty. In fact some of it is kind of tacky at times. They were looking at colours that keep you feeling comfortable and mesmerized. They aren’t looking primarily to be stylish.

Casino Gambling Trick #4 Sound and Action

It’s a party! People love parties. Every machine makes some kind of sound during the play, even with small payouts. If you are sitting there or walking by when someone wins, it gives everyone the feel that they can win too. They also have their own musical sounds, depending on what the theme to that particular machine is. When you have a whole area of the casino making happy noises, it makes the atmosphere more festive.

Casino Gambling Trick #5 The Maze Trick

If you go inside many casinos, finding the way out again is not as easy. They route you through mazes of tables and machines.

It is sort of like parking your car at the mall. In the anticipation of shopping, you sometimes forget to look and see where you parked. In the excitement of entering the casino, the focus is often getting in there, not where you came from. Then you wander around trying to find your way back to where you began. To get to point A where you began, you have to pass points Z through B. They hope some part of the B through Z on the way out, will draw you in enough, or reroute you. Then you to stay and spend more money.

Casino Gambling Trick #6 Location

Did you ever consciously notice the cashiers and things like bars, bathrooms and food service are not located at the front of a casino? You have to wander further into the maze, to get to them. Even if you are cashing out after extended play, you still have to pass by machines again to leave. You can bet they are hoping you might part with just a little more of those winnings they just gave you, or the cash you have left before you leave the premises.

Casino Gambling Trick #7 Quick Prizes and Near Wins

The slots give near wins and small wins. Seeing the big jackpot just one tiny spot away on your last spin, makes you think, “Hey I almost won. I am going to try again”, or that is what they hope. Then small wins, like the traditional three cherries, give back a little money to make you feel you have won something.

Casino Gambling Trick #8 Hypnotic Displays and Cleanliness

This is like taking a child to the circus or toy store. Everything is shiny and bright, with pretty colours and moving parts. There is lots of visual activity in a casino, to catch your eye and draw you in. They make the displays appeal to every level of spending too, from people on a budget on the small change machines to the high rollers.

The cleanliness factor is a big plus. Someone is always cleaning up after the patrons. There are few wastebaskets to throw coin wrappers and so forth in. Seeing those busy cleaners silently swooping in to clean, makes the gamblers feel pampered.

Casino Gambling Trick #9 Freebies

Everyone likes freebies. From free drinks to cheap buffets, the casinos want your business and they use freebies or discounts to draw you in. They want to keep you there, and spending as long as they can. Drawing customers into the casinos with cheap buffets, points cards that give out prizes, advertising merchandise and drinks is just advertising money well spent, for them.

Even when you lose all your money, you don’t leave empty handed. Casinos spend a great deal of money on little gimmicks to draw you in. Once you are there, they want to keep you there. It is another form of advertising and marketing. You don’t leave with a sense of total loss when you get freebies or special discounts.

Casino Gambling Trick #10 Keep the Winners There

If you are lucky enough to win big, they want to keep you there. They often offer rooms and special services to big winners and big players. They want more of the money that has gone out in wins, to stay right where it is. By inviting big spenders and big winners back with free stay, free food, they take a very educated chance that those people will return to try to win again. That’s a little PR to bring important clientele back. Having some big winners is also great publicity for the casinos. It draws people in on the chance that they may hit it big too.

The casinos know how to play on your emotions and hopes. They are experts at it. They know how to set a mood to draw you in, and keep you there. They have thought everything out very carefully. Not much is left to chance. They naturally want the cards stacked in their favour, so to speak. Like any other business, they want to maximize the potential for earnings. With these ten casino gambling tricks, they do just that.

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