Guide to Betting on Sports: What is a Pleaser?

One of the less common bet types you’ll find at sportsbooks is a “pleaser.” Only a handful of sportsbooks offer these, so you may have to shop around to find them, if this turns out to be a form of betting you’re interested in.

The name “pleaser” was chosen due to its similarity to the much more common bet type “teaser.” For pleasers are indeed based on a similar concept.

With teasers the line moves several points in your favor on two or more games, and therefore you get paid at less favorable odds. While Login Poker at online sites, all the odds and favor should be in the notice of the players. It will guide the players to play at poker tables for increasing the real cash at bank account. 

With pleasers the line moves several points against you on two or more games, and therefore you get paid at less favorable odds.

Let’s look at an example:

Say you feel most confident of two wagers this weekend. You really like the Bears +10 (you think they’ll keep it close, and have a good chance to win), and the Chiefs -7 (you can’t see it being that close, as the Chiefs will probably win in a blowout).

If you were to bet those as, say, a 6 point pleaser, you’d get Bears +4 and Chiefs -13, with a payoff at most sportsbooks of about +600 (which is 6 to 1).

(For comparison purposes, if you simply parlayed your selections you’d have Bears +10 and Chiefs -7 for about +260. If you played them as a 6 point teaser you’d have Bears +16 and Chiefs -1 for about -110.)

Obviously the more teams you add and the more points you add, the harder it is to win, and the better the payoff when you do.

Generally speaking, the factors to look at when considering whether and where to bet pleasers are the same as with teasers:

  1. Shop odds. Don’t make the bet at +600 at one shop if you can make it at +650 at another.
  2. Shop lines, as you would for straight bets, teasers, etc.
  3. Know the rule for ties. Normally pleasers reduce down the same way teasers do (e.g., if you bet a four team pleaser and one of your selections ties, it is graded as a three team pleaser based on the outcome of the remaining selections). But check at your sportsbook, in case they have a rule that a tie counts as a loss. And see how they handle a situation where after reducing down for ties there is only one selection left, as different sportsbooks may grade this differently (since there’s no such thing as a one team pleaser).
  4. Most importantly, take into account key pointspread numbers. For football sides, for instance, just as with teasers you want to cross the 3 and to a lesser extent the 7 and 10 because so many games land on those numbers, with pleasers you want to avoid crossing those numbers for the very same reason.

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