Fun on Chat Roulette a exciting game! Have a look

I wrote a review of Chat Roulette yesterday, having tried it out the night before, and last night I went back on and had one terrific session that I would like to tell you about.

Chat Roulette if you read my review, is an internet site that allows you to have a one to one video chat with a random person, using your webcams. If either part doesn’t want to continue, they just hit the Next button or press F9 and the program looks for another contact. Chat Roulette doesn’t require you to register or give any personal details, and you have no idea who you are interacting with, unless you give each other any information.

Some people on there do strange things, and since I have to wear my glasses when using the laptop so I can see, I find myself looking really old these days, so last night I decided to use some of the special effects that came with my webcam to see if I could get some good interaction.

Many of the special effects that you can get on a webcam use face recognition to alter what is on the screen. I decided to select a Werewolf effect, which over the space of a few seconds changes your face into that of a Werewolf.

The first few people that I came across just clicked and went on to someone else, but then I came across these three guys sitting on a couch, playing some loud dance music, and obviously in a party mood.

I kept motionless for a few seconds, while they took a look at the screen, and then I started to bob my head in time with the music, which got them laughing, and then I began to swing my arms and really get into the music, which had them in hysterics.

All this time of course I was looking like a Werewolf, and to see a Werewolf dancing on the screen to their music was really funny. After a couple of minutes I decided to do something new, and forgot that once the camera loses track of my eyes, well it loses the special effects, and so suddenly the dancing Werewolf turned into a dancing old man! The three guys just literally fell on the floor laughing, and I was also laughing so hard that my eyes were full of tears, I couldn’t see a thing. My fiancee and her daughter were sitting on either side of me and also had tears rolling down their faces.

I then switched to an effect that I can only describe as making me look like someone wearing a bright pink Beret and Elton John Glasses, which went down well. I had a hard time seeing anything though, because the whole time the tears of laughter were just streaming down my cheeks.

This experience was just really enjoyable, and I need to come up with some new ideas to perfect this and add to my collection.

I then tried something a little more subtle, which was to make my image appear as if I was a photo in a frame, off to the side of the room and than I saw some one is playing the online games and winning the cash onwards; I asked he told that all of these are from daftar casino online terpercaya. Again a number of people skipped over me, but then I came across a few who stared at the screen, while I kept perfectly still in my photo frame. After a few seconds of watching them, I would move in the frame, and then come closer to the camera, so it looked like I was about to climb out of the frame. It also did the trick.

Well that was my fun for last night, and I hope it has given you some good ideas to use with Chat Roulette. If you try it out and do anything funny, be sure to come back and let me know.

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