Full Tilts New Bouncing Baby Poker Room: Rush Poker

Many people are familiar with full tilt poker. It is a huge mega site where you can play Texas Hold Em and Omaha poker either for free or for money depending on which country you live in. For many players who just want to learn the game or just want to play for a while one of the biggest nuisances to playing online poker is the numerous people who are not serious players and want to raise every pot to an all in pot even when they don’t have a hand. In most online poker rooms it is best to play in tournaments or ring games where all the players begin with comparable amounts of money and players who are knocked out of the game are replaced by players from other tables. This often means that you will have to patiently sit through numerous hands that you can’t play in because you are not willing to risk your entire stack of chips on a marginal hand when you haven’t even seen the flop. The all in bandits can completely ruin your pleasure in the game. It is always risky to throw all of your chips in on a hand of cards but the bandits are looking to either scare everyone off of the pot with their gambit or just throw their chips into the pot on any two cards in hopes that they can win the pot and get the leveraged position of being a chip leader. If they fail to win the all in hand they just register for the next tournament or game coming up and do it again until they are successful.

There are so many people that do the all in/chip advantage gambit in the first hand of a tournament or ring game that at a lot of the tables as many as eight of the nine seated players will throw all of their chips into the pot on the first or second hand. I have noted that in 90 player tournaments after the second or third hand at least 50% and sometimes more players are already gone. They go right into the next game and try the same gambit again and again until it succeeds. Getting that chip lead is all important to them so that they can bully the rest of the table out of their chips by throwing all of their chips into the pot again and again to make everyone with less chips or a marginal hand fold out then They get to steal pot after pot as they increase their chip lead. Whether they truly hold the superior hand or not doesn’t really matter to them as they will not be knocked out of the tournament or game even if they loose the hand. The people on the other side of the table however face being knocked out of the game in that one hand because of the chip inequity. This poker bandit style of play has become so popular that it is nearly impossible to avoid these pot plundering players when you want to play a ring game or a tournament online. A participation in poker tables will be great at BandarQ Online site. The winning chances in the poker table will be increased along with bonuses and jackpots. The engagement of the players will be increased at respective site with global players. 

This is one of the reasons that Full Tilt has rolled out a new style of online poker games called Rush Poker. For Rush Poker you are seated at a different table with a different group of players for each hand. The hands are played as they would be at any other table or tournament and can be played for free or for cash, the same as the parent site Full Tilt. Unlike most of the games on Full Tilt however, Rush Games are limited games. A limited game is one in which there is a ceiling on how much a player may bet on each turn during a hand, or a cap on the amount that a bet may be increased. You may or may not be familiar with how pot limit games are played. As I said the rules are the same in Rush Poker as they are in any other poker room, except that when you fold on a pot or a hand is resolved, the system takes you immediately to the next hand at the next table that you are rotated to. There is no waiting around for a hand to be completed when you folded before the flop. This feature of Rush Poker eliminates down time between hands and allows you to do what you came on the site to do, to play poker.

Rotating players after every hand is the new addition that makes Rush Poker more fun to play. There is no waiting around for a game to start. As soon as you complete a hand, whether you win, lose, or fold your hand as soon as the hand you are playing is thrown in, a player is moved to the next table and the next hand. When playing a traditional game of poker if something should come up or you are pulled away from your game, you either forfeit the tournament or ring game or you set your status to ‘sit out next hand’ The problem with sitting out is that for the duration of your absence, each circuit around the table your blinds are still posted from your pile of chips, and while you are away your opponents are able to accumulate huge piles of chips which will leave you at a disadvantage when you resume the play of your hand. In Rush Poker you can jump in or out of a game or a tournament at any time, without losing any of your chips while you are away from the tables. You can resume play again whenever you choose.

Everyone has responsibilities, children, spouses, family, and friends. Most people’s lives just don’t afford them the luxury of two or three uninterrupted hours to sit down, relax, and just play poker. Playing poker online can be just as time consuming as playing poker in real time can be. The reason that so many poker sites and applications have sprung up online is because people like to play cards, people like multi-player interactive games in real time, and with the use of the internet there is somebody looking to get up a game of poker somewhere in the world, at any time day or night. The whole Rush Poker concept proves that somebody out there finally gets it, and wants to accommodate every online player who wants to play a little poker, not just those who can devote hours or even an entire afternoon to getting to the final table in a mega multi player tournament. As always Full Tilt offers coaching in their online poker school and the opportunity to play with the best poker players in the world, most of whom can also be seen on the popular late night show “Poker after dark”.. You must be a Full Tilt Poker member to play Rush Poker.

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