Emotions And Gambling It Is Why We Do It

Human beings, even as diverse as people can be, have many similarities to one another.

For instance, when something happens that is pleasurable a chemical is released in the brain called Seritione. This chemical is the very reason we all can feel happiness, pleasure, and excitement. Its levels or quantity in our brains help to dictate our mood and feelings. Seritione is so important that its control and measurement in the brain is currently one of the backbones of modern, western psychiatry.

What does this have to do with casinos and gambling? I mean that it feels good to win but so what?

There are three major events that can really pack that Seritione level in the brain making you super happy and positive in general, which may be much more so than needed. Intimacy, recreational drugs, and gambling all cause a major release in happy brain chemicals including Seritione and they are all proven to be addictive to certain people.

Well, I don’t do drugs and public intimacy is frowned upon so my addition and happy place is gambling and it started on my 21st birthday when I came across Prediksi Cambodia. I was playing craps with my father and new wife, learning the table while not letting anyone know I was new at the game. New male craps players are considered bad luck in the US, while new female players are considered to be very good luck! They took a liking to her real fast. I hit a few and lost a few on the pass line and I was only slightly amused until the table became hot. My old man and I were throwing fireballs. It felt like I couldn’t put my bets in the wrong spaces. Hit after hit our bankroll had finally grown from $400 to $2,000. That whole table walked away praising my Dad and wife on their throwing skills.

I felt amazing and full of energy and life… or excitement, it’s hard to explain but all real gamblers know that feeling when you win.

Across from the blackjack tables were the slots, another of my new loves to be. We spun all night long on those slot machines until finally a pit boss came over and comped us a room. My wife had to pry me off of it.

Now I live with that same beautiful gal but far away from any casinos. We are so lucky to have found legal USA online casinos because the cost of traveling to Vegas to play is way too much, and the slots online have a much higher payback. In addition, the slots bonus at Internet casinos are worth a lot more money than any land-based casino ever gave us. The US feds said that online casinos are legal in the states and the wire act refers to sports betting so we really like gambling mostly online now. I love the feeling of betting and winning real money, from craps and slots to Texas Hold Em and Megabucks, there is no shame or question as to why.

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Ryan Morris is a technology writer and is really intrigued by the ways technology revolutionized the casino industry. In his free time, he tries to learn more about the different strategies that are used in poker games.


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