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Playing poker professionally has a wealth of advantages. You are your own boss, you can ‘work’ whenever you want, you can work from home and you don’t pay tax on your winnings. But the downsides are just as evident. I know from my time spent playing online poker that the actual physical aspect of sat staring at a monitor for long hours is both physically and mentally draining. After three or four hours of play then I just feel an incredible urge to want to go and do something else.

You can know about the poker games at the 꽁머니 platform to have more winnings. There is a wide variety of games provided on the online platform for having an increase in the bank account. The employment of the correct time and efforts is essential for the players.

The first question to ask yourself must surely be, ‘am I good enough?’ Poker, especially online poker, has become so popular that the standard of play has sky-rocketed because people read advice like on my poker blog for example. A hot streak does not mean you have the staying power to make it as a pro. The second question that arises is, ‘can I afford to lose this money?’ If the answer to this is no, reconsider your career move. Gambling with money that you cannot afford to lose is a slippery slope. You want to avoid being forced into poker games where winning is more than a bankroll injection. The rule of thumb is always to be prepared to lose. In fact I really cannot stress this enough because losing is such a big part of the game, you will lose most of the pots that you play in depending on your style or at least a significant percentage of them.

A professional poker player must think of himself as a businessman. A businessman who is maximising his profits and minimising his losses. It is vital to play at the optimum stakes and for specific amounts of time. You must be looking for the highest hourly rate games and capitalising, rather than shifting between stakes at will. The best pros specialise and play multiple tables at the same level. Poker may not be glamorous but it does afford some dedicated players the chance to make a good living and £50k per year take home is possible and that equates to probably £85k pre stoppages and that is $170k in US money.

The best advice to an aspiring poker player and one that normally plays online must be this; can you manage the predictable fluctuations that will come with the territory? Playing poker for a living will undoubtedly give you some great months. It will also deal out some horrible months, where you either struggle to break even or worse, lose money. If you can handle the troughs as well as the peaks, and you have the confidence to do it, then professional poker could be the way to go.

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