Ancient Poker To Online Poker

Origin of Poker games is highly debated. Very surely no one can tell from where the renown poker game originated or since when it is getting played. According to some researches, a very similar game to poker named as Nas was played in Persia. This game was supposed to be played by 5 players using a 25 cards deck with 5 suits.

Another variant of poker was mentioned in literature as early as 1526. It was known by different names as per the region. In Spain it was known as Primero, in Italy Primiera & in France La Prime. Game rules were like three cards per player & winners were as per the ranking of the combinations. Ranking wise 3 combinations were there which are mentioned below : Three of a kind, a pair & flush. This game was reportedly active during 16th century.

Around 1700 to 1800 variants of poker like brag in England and pochen in Germany, poque in France were played very prominently. Poker term is said to have originated in New Orleans, and travelled up the Mississippi to other states where it gained popularity. In California, poker playing and gambling was legalized. Now, there are so many 인터넷카지노사이트 which could be an option for the people globally.

Evolution and metamorphosis:

Fast forwarding the existing scenario of early 1900’s by a few decades; tournaments hosted by casinos and other gaming venues boosted the popularity of poker. 1970 saw the beginning of the World Series; Las Vegas is the place where it was first conducted. The venue was Benny Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. As the years passed, the number of player turning up for each tournament increased manifold; the main draw was the prizes that were offered to the winners. Over 2500 players participated in the year 2004 and prizes worth 25 Million dollars were awarded to them; the winner took home a staggering 5 Million dollars.

Online Poker playing:

Players faced difficulties in turning up at the gaming venues, i.e. the casinos and this led to the growth of poker playing through the internet. The overhead expenditure such as ordering a table, and raising the stakes etc. added to the existing problems. Certain websites were created that offered poker playing on their sites; while some were free other sites charged a modest fee. An increase in number of websites offering the game has increased the number of people playing this game worldwide. Players used the facilities available at online poker playing sites to sharpen and perfect their skills. Players who were regular participants of the online poker sites were welcomed to join the World Series.

Features of Online Casino Poker

Face-reading is an art, and good face-readers have always prospered in the game of poker. A look at your opponent’s face is enough to tell you about his gaming situation. But in online Casino poker this gives no one an upper hand. The faces of the players are not visible to one another because the game is played in a virtual environment.

Another advantage of playing online poker is that the player can access more multiple tables and has a faster rate of playing and card movement.

With online casino poker, each player’s card movement is noted and can be viewed. This allows the players to track the card’s movement from where it began till its current position.

Also the IP address players are noted by the online poker software. IP addresses not only allows software to identify the location of the players but also it enables the sites to track the fraudsters.

We can see the trends in poker. From ancient poker variants to today’s online poker games, poker had transformed a lot. Today it is globalized due to free online poker sites that allow players to play free poker from their home sitting in their comfort zone & at the same connecting with all the poker players online in the world.


Trends are meant to be followed and especially the youngsters get excited for it but these things are for a selected group. It can be accessed by everyone. So, it is with the online casinos, anyone from any place of the world at any time can participate if they want to.

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